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Kayalite on expedition in Norway

Kayalite™ light on expedition. Video promo for Norwegian national parks.
March 2017

Luciano (Luke) Rovner aka Kayak Hipster

"Rough waters. It's gotten hit. Paddles. Doing rescues of people. It's never come off."
—Professional paddler and ACA instructor Luciano (Luke) Rovner aka Kayak Hipster posted an unsolicited review of bolt-on and suction mounts for GoPro cameras.

Mike Reid reviews Kayalite GoPro Hero Suction Mount with Toughbar Extension Arm

"The Kayalu suction mount 'withstood everything.'" In March 2015, adventurer and environmentalist Mike Reid, completed the "Tokyo 1000K" expedition. We donated a GoPro suction mount and Toughbar extension arm for Mike to document his journey. Mike posted a video, detailing the mount's performance.

Mike Reid reviews Kayalite Kayak Light

"Because the light was bombproof, it continued to shine." Adventurer and environmentalist Mike Reid, completed his "Tokyo 1000K" expedition and put a Kayalite (donated by Kayalu) to the ultimate test. He posted some great insights.

Ocean Paddler reviews Kayalu GoPro Hero Camera Mount

"A well-thought out, highly versatile and durable system. Worth every penny."
— Ocean Paddler Magazine (UK), Winter 2014/2015
Review of Kayalu "loss-proof" GoPro Hero Mount. Click here to download/read review. (6mb PDF)

cluster balloon pilot uses Kayalu custom camera mounts

"The best footage of the flight came from GoPros mounted on Kayalu arms."
Cluster Balloon Pilot Jonathan Trappe
Trappe's vessel for 2013 transatlantic expedition is rigged with an array of Kayalu camera mounts.

Sea Kayaking Photgrapher Douglas Wilcox reviews Kayalu GoPro Hero Camera Mount

"The suction cup mount survived everything a rough Scottish winter day could throw at it."
Douglas Wilcox , Sea Kayak Photo
Review of Kayalu "loss-proof" GoPro Hero Mount, tested at 0° C off Ayr, Scotland, December 2012. Published at Playak.

Chris Crowhurst of Quajac Rolls

"I already have one of their mono-sticky-pods and love it. Very strong, very adaptable."
Chris Crowhurst, Qajac Rolls
Crowhurst uses a Kayalu suction mount and Toughbar extension with his GoPro® Hero2.

Kayalu suction mount cover of Ocean Paddler Magazine

"The only light I think is tough enough to handle this expedition and trust my life to."
Wave Vidmar, World Explorer
Vidmar's 2012 Seaward Expedition tackles a 3,100 solo paddle from Cali to Hawaii. Kayalite on deck.

Kayalu suction mount cover of Ocean Paddler Magazine

"20 Greenland rolls and the mount did not move an inch."
Pro paddler Frode Wiggen, author of Norway's Senjaroller blog, using a GoPro® Hero on a Kayalu-accessorized suction camera mount with 8.5" Toughbar extension arm. In freezing saltwater.
April 2012

Kayalu suction mount cover of Ocean Paddler Magazine

"Easy to set up. Solid. Awesome design"
Surf paddler Nick Castro (at left), of Active Sea Kayaking (Canada), mounted a GoPro HD HERO2 on a Kayalu suction-cup camera mount with a Kayalu Toughbar extension to shoot video and stills for cover of Ocean Paddler Magazine (UK, Mar '12 issue).

Kayalite Sea Kayak Instructor David Johnston

"Kayalu has a good reputation for their well-built equipment that holds up in both fresh and salt water."
Paddling Instructor, February 2012
Kayak filmmaking technology review including a look at the work of pioneer Bill Mason.

Kayalite Greg Stamer

"For the stern, it's hard to beat the Kayalite. Usually this is the only running light I carry, along with a good flashlight or headlight."
Greg Stamer, October 2011
Greg Stamer and Freya Hoffmeister hold the world
record for their circumnavigation of Iceland
(1,620 km) in 33 days (25 paddling days).
Photo by Freya Hoffmeister / post w/ permission of G. Stamer

Radpole w GoPro Hero HD on HUKI S1A

"The perfect river fishing light."
Drew Haerer
Guide, Froggy Waters Outdoors
Hillsborough, NC
November 2011

Radpole w GoPro Hero HD on HUKI S1A

"The Radpole gives me with one simple, lightweight, detachable system. "
Earl Blackwell, DE USA
Camera: GoPro Hero HD
Boat: HUKI S1A Surf Ski
October 2011

Kayalite Douglas Wilcox

"On Deck: Kayalite"
Douglas Wilcox, Expedition Photographer

September 2011

Radpole camera mount on kayak fishing expedition

"The beauty of the Radpole is that with the GoPro or any camera mounted on it you can easily articulate the camera position by leaving the upper ball joint somewhat loose, so you can point it in any direction quickly as needed."

Mike Kogan, Founder
Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic
July 2011

Kayalite kayak light on lake

"My Kayalite, a real beauty!"

Stew the Bass Man
Quebec, Canada
July 2011

Gloucester Blackburn Challenge with Kayalu camera mount and GoPro Hero

"The Kodak zx-3 and Kayalu salt waterproof camera mount performed perfectly..."

Good Morning Gloucester
Blackburn Challenge
July 2011

Playak Kayaking Product Review of Kayalu Kayalite kayak light
Frode Wiggen: Testing a Kayalu suction camera mount on a kayak, North Norway.
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Durham Blogger Installation of suction-cup free Kayalite with eyebolt
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Nate Bent rigs his Tarpon 120 with a Kayalite Kayak stern light
Kayak Angler Product Announcement of Kayalu Kayalite Deck, Anchor and Stern Light
Expedition Kayak Product Review of Kayalu Accessorized RAM Locking Suction Camera Mount on Epic V10 Sport Surf Ski
Kayalite and Kayacam on Nordcap for Sea Kayak Challenge 2010

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Bryan Hansel testing the Kayacam on Lake Superior.