Frequently Asked Questions
Most Popular Questions
Are GoPro HERO and Contour cameras compatible with Kayalu camera mounts?
Can I ask a question and get a personal response?
General Questions about Kayalite™, Kayacam® and Kayapod®
How do I attach a Kayalu product such as a Kayalite to my watercraft?
Can I install an eyelet on my kayak or boat if there is no other point to clip to?
Can I clip a Kayalite kayak light to a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) leash plug or d-ring?
How small is the hole required if I decide to install a new eyelet on my kayak or boat?
How would I install an eyelet or pad eye on a Zodiac, Avon or other inflatable?
Can I purchase Kayalu products from my local marine shop or sporting goods store?
Can I use a Kayalu product in extreme conditions, heavy seas or whitewater?
Kayalite™ Deck, Anchor and Stern Light Questions
What are USCG regulations and SOLAS navigation lighting standards?
How does the Kayalite compare with other commercially available stern lights?
How does the Kayalite stay upright on my deck?
Can a Kayalite be pole-mounted for use as an all-round light?
Can lightsticks or a flashlight be used in lieu of an adequate all-round light?
Can I adjust the brightness of the Kayalite?
Can my own navigation lights impair my night vision?
Can a Kayalite be used on car hood or other unstable surface?
To learn more about U.S. Coast Guard and state night navigation regulations, click here.
Tektite Navlite® Questions
How do I disassemble and reassemble the Navlite pouch?
Kayacam® Universal Camera Mount Questions
Will the screw on the Kayacam′s head fit any camera?
What is the recommended maximum camera weight for my watercraft?
RAM Mounts Locking Suction Questions
Are suction cups reliable for boating / paddling applications?
Can I use a suction cup mount to support a professional video camera?
ParkerMount® Questions
How can I learn more about ParkerMount® products?
Website Questions
How much are shipping charges for each product?
Where can I paddle a kayak or canoe in downtown Boston?
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Where are press releases and media information?
Where is a searchlist of compatible kayaks, boats and inflatables?
Where can I find the text of Colregs safety regulations?
Visit our reference library for kayak, boat and canoe literature.
What are some of the Kayalu brand name translations for search engines?
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