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Can I clip a Kayalite kayak light to a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) leash plug or d-ring?
Yes. The Kayalite can be clipped directly to most surface mounted and recessed SUP leash plugs and pulled tight against the SUP deck.

Special Cases

For clipping a Kayalite to a smaller recessed SUP leash plug (as shown below), a heavy duty twist tie can be used to create a ring extending from within the recessed cup, to which the Kayalite can be clipped.

For clipping a Kayalite to a D-ring that is too large to be pulled within the Kayalite base, a donut-shaped platform made of foam (i.e. styrofoam, rubber, etc.) can be positioned over the D-ring, allowing the Kayalite to grab the clip and be pulled tight to the SUP deck.

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