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How would I install an eyelet or pad eye on a Zodiac, Avon or other inflatable?
Zodiacs, Avons and inflatable boats (RIBS, RHIBS) are particularly challenging for the attachment of stern lights, anchor lights, camera mounts and similar accessories because they do not always offer a flat transom or deck surface on which to install an eyelet or pad eye, or enough surface for clearance to host the base of the accessory.

What's more, the deck loop pads typically glued to a Hypalon or PVC inflatable for its portage and dock lines would not offer the strength required to manage the force exerted by a Kayalu product as its breech clip is pulled upwards.

If your inflatable does not have a seat, bench or deck available for attachment of an eyelet (and 4" of clearance for the Kayalu product's base), another option is to mount a small eyelet on the top of the engine housing.

Before drilling a hole, be careful to choose a location on the housing with enough clearance below the cover so the threaded end of the eyelet protruding beneath the cover would remain clear of the engine flywheel below.

It is critically important that the eyebolt be secured with a stainless steel nylon insert locknut, to ensure that the nut will never loosen and drop onto the flywheel. Consider a bit of epoxy to further secure the locknut.

If your engine tends to run rough and vibrate excessively, you may consider replacing the Kayalu product's standard bungee cord with a length of 1/4" Nylon or Dacron double braid, reducing flexibility while adding strength to the attachment.
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