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What are USCG regulations and SOLAS navigation lighting standards?
Proper lighting of your watercraft and understanding night navigation rules are both critically important for safe navigation in the dark, and regulations vary according the vessel size and means of propulsion (power, sail, oar).

U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Rules regarding lights are specified under Part C Lights and Shapes Rules 20-31 with Rule 25(d) including a section for a "Vessel under oars" which applies to an unmotorized kayak, canoe and rowboat.

We've compiled links to federal and state regulatory agencies here.

International conventions for Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS), provides rules for safe transit in international waters.

Misinformation is widespread, especially with respect to lawfully required lighting of a kayak or canoe; maneuvering properly at night; steps to preserve your night vision and that of other paddlers and boaters; and other established practices when navigating at night.

We′ve put together a few sound recommendations for outfitting a kayak or canoe for paddling or fishing at night here (opens in new window).

For more info regarding navigation lighting for kayak or canoe, click here.

For info regarding a powerboat, sailboat, motorized inflatable or dinghy, click here to continue.
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