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Can a Kayalite be pole-mounted for use as an all-round light?
The Kayalite can be adapted for greater height, but we do not recommend modification.

The U.S. Coast Guard and inland waterways regulations do not require a 360° light to be taller than the point at which it clears the highest physical component of a kayak, canoe, sit-on-top or stand-up paddle board (or any other "vessel under oars"), whether under way or adrift.

Similary, a stand-up paddle board (SUP) surfer or sit-on-top (SOT) fisherman standing while casting may occasionally obscure the craft's navigation light and are not expected to mount lights that extend above their own body.

Even a powerboat may have its 360° anchor light occasionally obscured by a fisherman casting off the bow.

Vessel operators must be vigilant to ensure that their craft, whether under power or paddle, is visible to others on the water.

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