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Can I adjust the brightness of the Kayalite?
The brightness of a Kayalite can not be adjusted as provided. During our design of the Kayalite we tested lights at sea in a variety of conditions, finally selecting the one that provided exceptional results and was capable of meeting the U. S. Coast Guard′s visibility specification for stern lights and anchor lights on kayaks, canoes and "vessels under oar".

The Tektite Mark III light integrated into the Kayalite features line-of-sight visibility across the arc of the horizon directly to the LED’s bright white point source.

For special applications, where you are absolutely certain you want to increase intensity, Tektite offers affordable 2 and 4 LED upgrade modules for the Tektite Mark III which respectively double and quadruple the light output (battery life decreases with added power consumption).

We strongly recommend against increasing the brightness of a Kayalite, when used as a stern light, because higher intensities can impair the night vision of other boaters and paddlers — particularly those accompanying you.

It's worth noting that power boats and sail boats of moderate size often use relatively small, incandescent bulbs in running, anchor and stern light fixtures, providing necessary visibility to other boaters without overpowering their vision.
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