Kayalite kayak light diffusion lens

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Breakthrough: Kayalite™ Diffusion Lens

The Kayalite kayak light includes a number of unique innovations including its patented "secure-attach" technology. The Kayalite's marine-grade construction is virtually unbreakable, yet buoyant and submersible to 1000 feet below sea level.

We didn't stop innovating...

The classic Kayalite lens, clear with an LED reflector, raised the bar on quality and performance in a bright white kayak light.

Working for nearly a year with our technology partners at Tektite Industries (Trenton, NJ), fellow innovators at Yak Attack (Farmville, VA) and an independent testing laboratory in Florida, we refined and improved the illumination and visibility characteristics of our kayak navigation lights.

And the result? We're excited to introduce a white, titanium-infused "diffusion lens" for the Kayalite, now shipping with every new unit.

How does it work?

Light emitted from the Kayalite’s bright white LED point source is diffused and distributed uniformly across the translucent white lens housing. Diffused rays, normally emitted skyward and lost from a clear lens, are reflected within the lens housing and redirected across the plane of the watersheet.

For the paddler, the diffusion lens provides a number of benefits:

  • The optical qualities of the lens and LED improve visibility while protecting the paddler's night vision.
  • The thick-walled Lexan construction of the diffusion lens is rugged and reliable while maintaining the necessary translucency to allow for the passage of light.
  • The lens housing's double o-ring seal enables the Kayalite to be submersible to 1000 feet (300 m) below sea level.

With a Kayalite, you'll tackle the night!

Already own a Kayalite with a clear lens?

No worries, the Kayalite Diffusion Lens is available as an add-on accessory in our catalog's "Extras" as an affordable upgrade to your existing clear lens. The clear lens and diffusion lens are interchangeable.

More Information

To read more about the Kayalite kayak light, click here.

To read more about the Kayalite diffusion lens, open our press release in a new window.

Kayalite is Made in the USA.
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Duncan Smith of Solent Seak Kayak with a Navbeam and Kayalite