nclamp clamp mount with 3rd generation iphone 3g

nclamp® clamping mounts

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nclamp clamping camera mount with nikon slr camera

The Kayalu nclamp is an innovative way to firmly clamp all of your electronic device cradles and accessories to a pole, wall, kayak cockpit, gunnel, windshield, handlebar, wheel — really anywhere you can imagine.

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nclamp clamping mount with garmin gps, iphone, mp3 player and aqua box

The nclamp:camera (at right), available for $34.95, has a versatile head and tripod screw for firmly securing cameras, video cameras and scopes.

The nclamp:binoculars (below, right), available for $49.95, lets you clamp your binoculars to a park bench, tree branch car window or any other surface. Great for birdwatching and hunting.

nclamp binocular clamp mount

The nclamp:phone/mp3, available for $39.95, is for iPhone, iPod and other handheld devices. This nclamp includes everything you need — even a high-strength cradle designed for your specific iPhone or iPod model. We have nclamps for a wide variety of iPhone, iPod and iTouch models.

nclamp camera mount video
nclamp clamping mount with garmin gps, iphone, mp3 player and aqua box

The nclamp:gps/fishfinder (at left) is for your marine gear. This nclamp is available for $34.95 plus the cost of the GPS or fishfinder cradle for your specific device, which we assist you to select and purchase directly from RAM Mounts.

The nclamp:Aqua Box (at left, bottom), available for $69.95, clamps a roomy waterproof box onto virtually any surface. You can put your electronics, objects — even paperwork, safely inside.

nclamp universal with ram mounts ball

And finally, the nclamp:universal (shown here at right), is a do-it-yourself mounting clamp compatible with hundreds of device cradles, accessories and configurations available from Ram Mounts. The universal nclamp is available at our Online Store for $19.95.

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nclamp with sony video camera

The mounting hardware on an nclamp is manufactured by RAM Mounting Systems, Inc., entirely constructed of marine-grade anodized aluminum and rugged composite materials.

The orange-tipped spring clamp used in the nclamp is none other than the renown "PONY" clamp manufactured by the Adjustable Clamp Company. The PONY is high-quality nickel-plated steel with 2" (5.1 cm) wide jaws. Some attention is required if you plan on exposing the PONY to water, to prevent its industrial spring from rusting.

nclamp with navbeam kayak headlight
nclamp with tether and breech clip

We add our own extras to each nclamp, including a nylon-coated bungee tether, plated steel breech clip and fastening hardware affixed using Loctite® Threadlocker. If you bump your nclamp and it falls, the clamp and its tether may be the perfect accessory for saving your valuable equipment!

nclamps are made and assembled in the USA.

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