ParkerMount iPhone mount with 3rd generation iphone 3g

ParkerMount® Fixed Base Mounts

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ParkerMount camera mount with nikon slr camera

ParkerMount video camera mount

The Kayalu ParkerMount is ideal for truck, boat, kayak, car or plane — any application calling for a long-arm mount with a rock-solid base fixed to an unstable surface.

The integration of RAM Mounts components with our Kayalu Toughbar® extension arm make the ParkerMount an especially exceptional choice if you are looking for unparalleled positioning capability.

What's really amazing about a ParkerMount is that its RAM component parts are interchangeable, enabling you to create new and exciting variations from the standard product line, or to simply swap devices on the same ParkerMount base. For example, you can purchase a ParkerMount camera mount for your kayak or boat and add a Kayalu NavBeam headlight at a later date.

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ParkerMount binocular mount

The ParkerMount Camera Mount (above left, $79.95) has a versatile head and tripod screw for firmly securing cameras and scopes.

The ParkerMount Video Camera Mount (above right, $79.95) has a wide-base head and tripod screw, lending additional support to a video camera or larger camera.

The ParkerMount: Binocular Mount (right, $89.95) lets you stabilize your binoculars by mounting them to a dashboard, overhead compartment, control panel wall or any other surface, positioning the eyepieces comfortably.

ParkerMount iPhone / iPod mount

The ParkerMount: iPhone / iPod Mount, (left $89.95) includes everything you need to support your phone or mp3 player — even a custom cradle engineered for your specific iPhone or iPod model.

ParkerMount GPS / fishfinder mount

We offer ParkerMounts for a wide variety of iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch models.

The ParkerMount: GPS / Fishfinder Mount (right, $79.95) is for your portable mobile electronics and marine gear. With this ParkerMount, you purchase a custom cradle for your particular GPS unit or fishfinder separately from RAM Mounts. Assembly is a breeze — you simply screw the cradle onto the RAM diamond base that we provide with the ParkerMount.

ParkerMount GPS / fishfinder mount

The ParkerMount: Aqua Box® Mount, available in four sizes, (left, $119.95 and up) secures a roomy waterproof and weatherproof box onto virtually any surface. You can put your mobile electronic devices, valuable objects — even a hot lunch or paperwork, safely inside for easy access.

ParkerMount hardware

All hardware necessary for mounting the ParkerMount is provided with each mount, including marine-grade stainless steel bolts, lock nuts and washers. Each ParkerMount even ships with a drill bit sized to properly install the mounting hardware.

ParkerMounts are made and assembled in the USA. In addition to manufacturing our own products, we are an authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of RAM Mounting Systems, Inc.

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