Radpole Flex, a flexible multipurpose portable camera mount, light and gear pole.
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14" Arm  $79.95
23" Arm  $89.95
29" Arm  $99.95
16" Arm / Base  $99.95
25" Arm / Base $109.95
31" Arm / Base $119.95
16" Expedition Kit $139.95
25" Expedition Kit $149.95
31" Expedition Kit $159.95
16" Expedition Kit GoPro® $139.95
25" Expedition Kit GoPro® $149.95
31" Expedition Kit GoPro® $159.95
31" SOT Kit $139.95
Radpole® Flex

Radpole® Flex — a flexible alternative!

As an alternative to the Radpole's rigid alumimum pole, we offer the Radpole Flex, a strong, flexible arm constructed of powder-coated spring steel.

Radpole Flex arms are especially useful in installations requiring frequent repositioning of gear such as a camera or video equipment.

Radpole Flex arms are available in three lengths: 15, 24 and 30 inches. These arms provide an extension of up to 17, 26 and 32 inches respectively, from the bottom of the Radpole base to the base of your camera.

The articulated-segment design of the Radpole Flex's spring steel tubing allows the arm to be quickly adjusted and fixed to a stable position without stressing component parts.

A UV-resistant PVC coating further insulates the tubing from corrosion or degradation.

The Radpole Flex has stainless steel fittings for integration with its dual coupler assembly.

The Radpole Flex arm sports the same "B" ball upper and "C" ball lower couplers as our rigid Radpole pole, compatible with the all Radpole accessories. In other words, the Radpole Flex and standard Radpole arm are completely interchangeable.

The Radpole Flex arm can manage payloads up to 2 lbs. (.9 kg), or 1 lb. (.5 kg) maximum if mounted on an unstable surface. If installed on a surface that is prone to extreme rocking or pitching such as a kayak deck subjected to pounding on surf or waves, we recommend Radpole arms of no greater than 26 inches.

Should I choose the Radpole or Radpole Flex?

The Radpole Flex is especially useful if you envision making frequent adjustments to the position of your gear once you are on the water. With the Radpole Flex, you can grab the arm at any point and bend down its head or push it outward without having to loosen any couplers.

We recommend a rigid Radpole arm for applications where you are mounting a wide variety of cameras and other accessories to an unstable surface such as a kayak deck. The strength and rigidity of the lightweight aluminum Radpole arm is capable of withstanding impacts, jolts and shocks without yielding position

Still can't decide? Remember that Radpole components are interchangeable so you can choose multiple arms of varying type and length for use with the same base and accessories.

More Information about the Radpole

Radpole is Made in the USA.
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