Kayalu Toughbar® 10" Extension Rod

Kayalu Toughbar® 10\" Extension Rod

The Toughbar® Extension Rod is a marine-grade, anodized aluminum and stainless steel bar with two RAM Mounts 1-inch "B" balls, one at each end. Each ball is fused to the rod using Loctite® threadlocker. The Toughbar's hardened steel bar is insulated with UV-resistant PVC.

Toughbar® Extension Rods are compatible with Kayalu ParkerMount®, nClamp®, Radpole®, Surfpole® C-to-B adaptor and all RAM Mounts components accepting a 1-inch "B" ball.

The Toughbar Extension Rod does not include a RAM Mounts coupler arm. For a complete assembly including coupler, see our Toughbar® Extension Arm models.

Length (end to end): 10 inches (25 cm)

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