RAM Mounts 1-inch "B" Ball for GoPro Hero Cameras (all models)

RAM Mounts 1-inch \"B\" Ball for GoPro Hero Cameras (all models)

The GoPro Hero Adaptor Ball, manufactured by RAM Mounting Systems, enables your GoPro Hero camera (all models, Hero through Hero4) to be coupled with any base, extension arm or camera mount accepting RAM's popular 1-inch "B" ball.

A number of terrific advantages are found when using this GoPro adaptor for mounting a GoPro Hero on a RAM-compatible mount:

  • Engineered for active uses, this product is the only loss-resistant GoPro adaptor available worldwide. The adaptor ball provides a direct coupling between a GoPro Hero and RAM Mounts arm, unlike the factory GoPro tripod adaptor which may inadvertantly unscrew from its threaded mount. What's more, the adaptor is secured to the GoPro with a loss-proof stainless steel locknut (included) while the camera remains removable and positionable.
  • The GoPro adaptor eliminates the need for two components, namely the GoPro tripod adaptor and a RAM camera ball, resulting in fewer parts at a lighter weight.
  • This part is manufactured of fiberglass composite, signficantly tougher than the ABS plastic of the factory GoPro tripod adaptor and many 3rd party accessories.
  • Kayalu camera mounts compatible with this adaptor include the Kayacam, Radpole, Surfpole, Kayalu-accessorized Suction Mounts, YakBastard clamp, nClamp, ParkerMount, Suckerpod as well as any RAM mount accepting a 1-inch "B" ball.

    The GoPro Hero/Hero2/Hero3/Hero4 adaptor ball is intended for use in saltwater and freshwater environments, as well as indoor and demanding outdoor applications.

    IMPORTANT: This part includes its own stainless steel hardware -- bolt, washer and locknut. The bolt, washer and locknut were matched for the rugged fiber polymer construction of the adaptor ball working in friction with the GoPro Hero housing and are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as an alternative to the GoPro thumb-screw in order to provide a tighter, loss-proof method of attachment between the camera and mount.

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