RAM Mounts Locking Suction Aqua Box® with Toughbar®

RAM Mounts Locking Suction Aqua Box® with Toughbar®

The RAM Locking Suction Aqua Box®, manufactured by RAM Mounts and enhanced with the addition of our Kayalu Toughbar® and additional accessories, provides a unique opportunity for you to hold and protect your valuable electronic devices, papers and objects using a locking vacuum cup design similar to the mechanical suction cups used by professional glass installers.

The Aqua Box has a clear, rubber front panel, through which you can see and press buttons on your phone, GPS or other mobile device while ensuring that the unit remains isolated from wind and rain — even a sandstorm.

The Aqua Box is not designed to be 100% waterproof so, if submerged, some moisture may enter. The Aqua Box is water resistant, capable of keeping its contents dry in rain and environments exposed to moisture.

With the addition of a Toughbar® extension, this mount allows you to position the Aqua Box in the most convenient orientation possible.

The Locking Suction Aqua Box and components of this mount are constructed of premium- grade materials.

A small Aqua Box comes standard with this mount and we carry three additional sizes of Aqua Box — medium, large and wide, which you can upgrade with your mount at nominal additional cost. You can also purchase Aqua Boxes separately if you want to swap different sizes into the same mount.

The Aqua Box is quite amazing. Here's why...

The rugged Aqua Box is constructed with a clear, rubber lens mounted on its face. A hinged door, framing the lens, enables you to place your electronic device or valued object inside while allowing easy access if required. A hinged clasp on the side of the Aqua Box snaps closed to keep the door tightly shut and sealed. The clear lens allows you to view an electronic display, as well as to press function keys while in place.

Inside the Aqua Box are layers of removable EVA foam cushioning, which enable you to secure your electronic device even if they are slim or oddly shaped. If required, you can lock the box with a small padlock, once closed.

Because the Toughbar® extension increases leverage at the base of this mount, the KLR-5600-T includes an anodized aluminum RAM diamond ball above the suction unit (as shown in image with specifications, below) — not a high strength composite ball suitable for shorter mounts as we ordinarily include in our Locking Suction mounts.

At the base of the KLR-5600-T is one of two RAM Mounts coupler arms — this lower arm is spring loaded for convenient adjustment. At the upper end of the Toughbar® extension rod is a second RAM Mounts coupler. Both of these couplers have large handles which can be loosened for positioning your Aqua Box in a wide variety of positions, and locked into position with a single hand. These couplers are manufactured of high-strength composite and are tough as nails.

More about the power-locking suction...

The locking suction cup at the base of this unit provides an exceptionally strong grip by comparison with competitive suction-based mounts. This mount, cleanly affixed to any non-porous surface (glass, steel, fiberglass, enamel, plastic, etc.), can secure an Aqua Box containing devices and objects weighing up to 2 lbs. (.9 kg).

The mount can be affixed to a glass window, fiberglass kayak, car fender or a boat windshield by power- locking its vacuum grip to the surface through the action of a mechanical lever arm. And when you want to remove the mount, you simply twist the lock counter-clockwise and pull up a small rubber tab.

To enhance the functionality of this industrial quality mount, we include a marine-grade, nylon-coated bungee tether and a plated steel breech clip, which allow you to secure the mount in the event that the Aqua Box is bumped or the suction becomes disengaged.

A note regarding operation of iPhone and iPod Touch screens...

The flexible lens on an Aquabox will allow you to depress the click wheel and all contact-based buttons on an Apple iPod, but it does not carry the electrostatic charge required to operate an iPhone or iPod Touch screen, or the sensitivity required to dial an iPod click wheel. An iPhone ringtone is audible through an Aqua Box.

  RAM Locking Suction Aqua Box® Mount with Toughbar®
Kayalu model #KLR-5600-T

The KLR-5600-T ships completely assembled.

Note: We do not manufacture, sell or recommend the use of ANY suction-cup based product for use on life-safety gear, particularly navigation lights which may be mounted out of reach or out of view of a paddler or boater.

Quality assurance tests performed on the RAM Mounts locking suction mount have demonstrated extraordinary reliability for mounting electronic accessories. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products that integrate RAM Mounts Locking Suction hardware.

  RAM Mount Components (included)

Price includes small Aqua Box
Size upgrades available (see below)

Material: High Strength ABS

Material: High Strength Composite

(Toughbar® integrated here)

Spring Loaded Action
Material: High Strength Composite

5) RAM 2.5" X 1 5/16" BASE W/ BALL
Material: Marine-grade Anodized Aluminum
(note image at left, bottom)

Material: High Strength Composite

Toughbar® Components (included)
Rod: 18-8 Stainless Steel
Balls: RAM 1" Powder Coated Alum.
Socket: RAM Double Socket "B" Ball
Extension Length: 8" (20 cm)
Ball Center-to-Center Length: 6.5" (16.5 cm)
Tubing: Black UV-Resistant PVC
Threadlocker: Loctite®

Accessories (included)
Fastener: plated steel breech clip
Bungee Tether: saltwater-resistant nylon coated
Bungee Ring: marine-grade stainless steel


toughbar RAM Mount extension 


Optional Accessories

Toughbar® 8-inch
included, see specifications above

Toughbar® 10-inch (select in menu below)
Rod: Hardened 18-8 Stainless Steel
Black Oxide Finish
Extension Length: 10" (25 cm)
Ball Center-to-Center Length: 8.5" (21.6 cm)
Tubing: Black UV-Resistant PVC
Threadlocker: Loctite®


KLR-5600-T Locking Suction Aqua Box

  Aqua Box 
Small      RAM Mounts Small Aqua Box
Price: $0.00 (standard with KLR-5600-T)
Material: High Strength Composite
Internal Dimensions:
Width=2.38", Height=4.63", Depth=1.13"

   Aqua Box 
Small      RAM Mounts Medium Aqua Box
Material: High Strength Composite
Internal Dimensions:
Width=2.88", Height=5.75", Depth=1.188"

   Aqua Box 
Small      RAM Mounts Medium/Wide Aqua Box
Material: High Strength Composite
Internal Dimensions:
Width=4", Height=6", Depth=1.75"

   Aqua Box 
Small      RAM Mounts Large Aqua Box
Material: High Strength Composite
Internal Dimensions:
Width=3.5", Height=8.43", Depth=2.25"

Available Options:

Aqua Box® Size Upgrade:

Toughbar® Length:

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