RAM Mounts Marine-Grade Aluminum "Knuckle" Triple "B" Ball

RAM Mounts Marine-Grade Aluminum \"Knuckle\" Triple \"B\" Ball
RAM Mounts Triple Ball and Double-Ball Knuckle Adaptor

The RAM Mounts triple ball is the ideal adaptor for allowing an existing RAM arm to host two separate devices or accessories.

We call this ball a "knuckle" because it provides a Kayalu mount such as a Radpole or ParkerMount with the capability to host multiple fingers at the head of the mount. In the image at left, a Kayalu Radpole multi-purpose gear pole is shown with a "knuckle," hosting both a Kayalu NavBeam XL and a Kodak PlaySport video camera.

The triple-ball knuckle is intended for use in saltwater and freshwater environments. It is cast of solid aluminum, powder-coated, with a precision ball diameter that provides easy positioning when coupler arms are relaxed and a reliably secure position when the arm is tightened onto the ball.

The lower ball fits into any RAM Mounts 1-inch "B" Ball arm, including those used on the Kayalu Radpole multi-purpose gear poles, Kayalu nClamp clamping mounts, ParkerMount rigid mounts and Kayalu power-locking suction mounts.

The two upper balls are also 1-inch "B" balls compatible with any RAM Mounts "B" sized arm.

Made in the USA by RAM Mounts.

RAM Mounts Arms

RAM Mounts Arms for the Triple Ball

The triple-ball "knuckle" can be ordered as a standalone part, and is compatible with any RAM Mounts 1-inch "B" ball coupler arm.

Or, you can order one or two RAM Mounts arms for the triple-ball "knuckle" below.

As shown in the image at right, RAM Mounts arms are manufactured of either high-strength composite or powder-coated marine-grade aluminum. All materials and respective assemblies are intended for use in freshwater and saltwater environments.

Available Options:

Optional RAM Mounts Arm #1:

Optional RAM Mounts Arm #2:

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