YakBastard® Camera Clamp for Kayak Cockpit and Canoe or Boat Gunnel/Gunwale

YakBastard® Camera Clamp for Kayak Cockpit and Canoe or Boat Gunnel/Gunwale

The Kayalu YakBastard® Camera Clamp is a ruggedized portable marine-grade clamp for hosting your camera, whether a GoPro Hero or compact SLR.

Optional accessories allow this mount to host a navigation light, GPS cradle and much more.

The YakBastard Camera Clamp includes the clamp, a removable extension arm and a camera adaptor ball with a 1/4"-20 thread ready to mate with any camera's tripod hole.

The clamp can be quickly and securely attached to a kayak's cockpit lip, canoe bench or sidewall or boat gunnel/gunwale.

The YakBastard Camera Clamp raises the camera 19" (48 cm), measured from the back of the clamp to the base of the camera. The YakBastard Camera Clamp's two couplers and ball-and-socket design provide unparalleled and freedom in positioning the camera away from the kayak, canoe or boat deck.

Additional height and articulation is possible through the addition of any off-the-shelf RAM Mounts compatible extension arms including 8.5" and 10.5" Kayalu Toughbar arms.

Because the YakBastard is assembled using interchangeable RAM Mounts components, the same mount be used to host a wide range of accessories, including a Kayalu Navbeam 360° navigation light, Navbeam headlight, Fishfinder and GPS cradles and any accessory compatible with a RAM Mounts 1-inch "B" ball coupler. See options below to add a Navbeam 360° Navigation Light!

The YakBastard clamp's jaws open to a maximum width of 2 inches (5 cm).

The YakBastard clamp has two threaded holes, ready to accept one or two RAM Mounts balls. A single aluminum "B" ball is provided with this mount to host the extension arm and camera adaptor ball.

Premium Quality Components

The YakBastard clamp is constructed of marine-grade materials using original component parts of two renown marine vendors, RAM Mounting Systems and Blackhawk/Tite-Lok Inc.

The clamp is constructed of anodized aluminum with a stainless steel clamp screw and ABS handle.

Atop the clamp, the YakBastard Camera Clamp includes a spring-loaded composite coupler that can be loosened and tightened with a single hand.

Atop the lower coupler is a 14.5" Kayalu Toughbar arm. The Toughbar is constructed of a stainless steel rod and two marine-grade aluminum "B" balls. The Toughbar has a composite coupler.

The RAM Mounts camera adaptor ball is manufactured of powder-coated, anodized aluminum, with a standard 1/4"-20 thread for securing your camera. A rubber pad on the threaded stud protects the camera from abrasion.

The YakBastard clamp ships with two strips of adhesive-backed foam rubber as a measure of protection for your deck surface from being marred by the clamp's jaws.

The YakBastard clamp can host one or two RAM balls. One 1-inch "B" ball is included with this mount. The ball can be screwed into the back of the clamp or at the head of the clamp.The ball can be bonded to the clamp using Loctite Threadlocker®

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