About Our Company

Founded in 1989, S. H. Pierce & Co. is an award-winning manufacturer of high-technology products.

Company patents, granted and pending, have have been licensed for uses ranging from plumbing systems and insulation systems to laser-cutters and digital printing presses. A number of our innovations focus on improvements to ordinary products exposed to harsh aerodynamic and hydrodyamic conditions — including the Mildont® mildew restrictor valve and our Kayalu® outdoor products.

Our graphic arts division develops of Microsoft® and Apple Macintosh® applications including the #1 selling large-format production package PosterWorks® and FlipBook®. Click here to view company products and sites in a new window.

S. H Pierce & Co. is the exclusive owner of Mildont® products, trademarks and U. S. Patents Pending.

For further information about company products and services, please contact us.

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