Mildont® 503A (3-pack)

Mildont® 503A (3-pack)
Our most popular product, the MIL-503A-3 is a 3-pack of Mildont® 503A units.

The Mildont® 503A is an industrial-quality mildew restrictor valve, easily installed in minutes in standard bathtubs and showers. The Mildont® 503A has a diameter of 2.69" and can be installed below 3" drain strainers for bathtubs and showers with 1.5" or 2" drainpipes.

The Mildont® 503A has a pre-cut center hole for all standard 3" drain strainers having a center bolt that attaches to a crosshair within the drain shoe. For 3" drain strainers that have 2 bolts at the perimeter instead of a single center bolt, the Mildont® 503A can be trimmed per included instructions.

Package includes: (3) Mildont® 503A, easy-to-follow installation instructions, bathroom mildew prevention checklist.

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