3/16 inches Bungee and Breech Clip Assembly

The KLA-5009 3/16" Bungee and Breech Clip Assembly is a replacement cable and fastener designed exclusively for cables included with our nClamp™ and RAM Locking Suction products.

IMPORTANT: For replacement of Kayalite, Kayacam, Kayaball and Kayapod 1/4" cable, order our product KLA-5003 1/4" Bungee and Breech Clip Assembly.

The KLA-5009 Bungee and Breech Clip Assembly includes:

    (a) 18" length, 3/16" dia. saltwater resistant nylon-coated bungee cord
    (b) plated steel breech clip
    (c) stainless steel hogring (bungee loop)

  • Model: KLA-5009
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