The Kayalu Claws-All™ is a stable and versatile gear-mounting tripod platform for boats, kayaks, automotive, aviation and all-terrain applications.

The Claws-All is assembled by Kayalu using components manufactured by RAM Mounts, market leader in mounting solutions for use in outdoor, demanding environments.

This Claws-All model, the KCA-5500-CS, sports a 1.5" diameter RAM Mounts "C" ball on its upper plaftform capable of supporting C-size arms and gear.

This Claws-All model stands 7" (18 cm) from suction cup to upper platform.

This Claws-All model includes 3 power-locking suction feet, capable of mounting the Claws-All securely to any non-porous surface (i.e. plastic, glass, gelcoat, etc.).

Each of the Claws-All's three suction feet can be independently oriented to mate to a gently contoured surface, such as a kayak deck.

The "Shorty" model ships without leg extensions. The height of a "Shorty" can be extended with the addition of "B" size RAM extensions as well as Kayalu Toughbar extensions.

Made in the USA.

For more information about the Claws-All™ "Shorty" Tripod with RAM Mounts "C" Ball and 3 Contour-adapting Power-locking Suction Feet read Product Details.

  • Model: KCA-5500-CS
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