The Kayalu Claws-All™ is a stable and versatile gear-mounting tripod platform for boats, kayaks, automotive, aviation and all-terrain applications.

The Claws-All is assembled by Kayalu using components manufactured by RAM Mounts, market leader in mounting solutions for use in outdoor, demanding environments.

This Claws-All model, the KCA-5800-DS, sports a 2.25" diameter RAM Mounts "D" ball on its upper plaftform capable of supporting D-size arms and gear.

This Claws-All model includes 3 power-locking suction feet, capable of mounting the Claws-All securely to any non-porous surface (i.e. plastic, glass, gelcoat, etc.).

This Claws-All model stands 23" (59 cm) from suction cup to upper platform.

Each of the Claws-All's three suction feet can be independently oriented to mate to a gently contoured surface, such as a kayak deck.

With it's three slim, stainless steel leg extensions, your fishfinder and other gear are provided height and stability like no other mount engineered for active uses.

Made in the USA.

For more information about the Claws-All™ Tripod with RAM Mounts "D" Ball and 3 Contour-adapting Power-Locking Suction Feet read Product Details.

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