Eyelet Insert for RAILBLAZA StarPort Mounts

The Eyelet Insert for RAILBLAZA StarPort Mounts provides an opportunity to mount a Kayalite or other product using the Kayalu "Secure-Attach" system to RAILBLAZA mounting systems or any similar star-shaped mounting system.

In operation, the user inserts the Eyelet into the RAILBLAZA StarPort and locks the StarPort to retain the Eyelet. The Kayalite (or other Kayalu product) can be clipped and pulled into tension with the Eyelet, allowing the Kayalite to stand upright, while maintaining the ability to flex and sustain direct impacts and rollovers.

The Eyelet Insert for RAILBLAZA StarPort Mounts is manufactured of highly durable ABS plastic. We are manufacturing this product in small batches through a 3D printing process, rather than through the more traditional injection molding process typically employed for mass-produced plastic parts.

NOTE REGARDING PRICE: While 3D printing provides us with the opportunity to introduce relatively low-volume products to market, our retail price for this small plastic part is appreciably greater than would be a mass-produced part. Factoring all expenses, our retail price of $9.95 is at cost. We appreciate your understanding and expect, in time, to mass-produce this product.

  • Model: KLA-5073