Claws-All boat and kayak tripod

The Kayalu Claws-All™ is an aerodynamically-streamlined marine-grade tripod platform for RAM Mounts cradles and gear. The Claws-All includes contour-adapting feet and installation hardware.

The Claws-All is assembled by Kayalu using components manufactured by RAM Mounts, market leader in mounting solutions for use in outdoor, demanding environments.

The Claws-All's upper ball, available in three sizes, is capable of hosting a camera, fishfinder, GPS unit, phone, tablet computer, navigation light — any gear compatible with RAM Mounts cradles, arms and adaptors.

The Claws-All mates securely to your deck, or any other surface of attachment.

Each of the Claws-All's three feet can be independently oriented to mate to a gently contoured surface, such as a kayak deck.

With it's three slim, stainless steel leg extensions, your camera, fishfinder and other gear are provided height and stability like no other mount engineered for active uses.

The Claws-All is made in the USA of rugged, marine-grade materials. Structural components, including all balls and arms, are powder-coated aluminum.

Each of the Claws-All's marine-grade aluminum arms are spring-loaded with stainless steel and brass fittings, making it easy to tighten and loosen using a single hand. RAM's patented spring-loaded design also allows the arm to grasp one ball even when the arm is loosened, preventing accidental loss of the arm.

Each of the Claws's all's three legs are manufactured using rods of Type 316 stainless steel, premium grade.

Optional power-locking suction feet and the Claws-All's upper platform are molded of a high-strength composite polymer with stainless steel fittings, impervious to corrosion and UV from sunlight.

Available in Two Models

The Claws-All is available in two models, a tall 21.5-inch (base height) model and a "Shorty" 5.5-inch (base height) model.

Claws-All boat and kayak tripod

The taller Claws-All model can be quickly converted to the "Shorty" configuration by removing its leg extensions.

The "Shorty" Claws-All can be made taller with the purchase of leg extensions, available separately.

A "Shorty" Claws-All can be extended in height with any RAM compatible "B" to "B" extension such as the Kayalu Toughbar™.

The Claws-All is shipped with one of three RAM Mounts ball sizes pre-assembled on its upper platform, ready to accept your existing RAM Mounts arms and cradles.

The three ball sizes are 1-inch "B" size, 1.5-inch "C" size and 2.25-inch "D" size.

If you have gear requiring different ball sizes, platforms are available separately for quickly swapping in and out with your existing Claws-All legs and feet. Or, you can consider using one of our adaptors for supporting a smaller cradle on a larger ball.

We manufacture the Claws-All using ball-and-socket technology patented by RAM Mounts, the world leader in mounting systems for use in challenging environments.

Ball-and-socket joints allow you to position your camera or gear exactly as desired.

The ball-and-socket design allows the Claws-All's feet to be independently mated to meet the contours of your kayak or boat deck.

No expense has been spared — the tall Claws-All is manufactured using 23 original RAM Mounts component parts. The "Shorty" Claws-All assembly is manufactured using 14 original RAM Mounts component parts.

The Claws-All's stainless steel legs, insulated with a housing of UV-resistant PVC, are virtually unbreakable. The legs have a tensile strength easily capable of managing a direct impact.

A portable tripod like no other...

The Claws-All is portable, quickly connected or uncoupled from three small aluminum RAM Mounts "B" ball bases. Each base can be firmly bolted or riveted to the deck or mounting surface.

All stainless steel bolts, washers and nylon-insert locknuts required for installation of the three balls on your mounting surface are included. You can choose between 1-1/8" bolts (recommended for kayak decks) and 2" bolts (recommended for boat decks). A correctly sized drill-bit for easy installation is also included.

Claws-All bolted base.

As an alternative to bolting bases to your deck, a Claws-All can be adhered to a non-porous surface with three RAM Mounts power-locking suction cup feet (shown at right). Add 1.5 inches to the total height of the Claws-All if you plan on using these suction cup feet.

It is also possible to mix-and-match bolted bases and suction feet. For example, you can have a single "B" ball base on deck and two additional suction feet. The 1.5" height difference between bases and suction feet can be compensated by angling the legs and couplers.

If you already have a RAM "C" ball mounted on your boat or kayak deck you can connect one or more Claws-All legs to the "C" ball using a RAM Mounts "C" to "B" adaptor.

This "C" to "B" adaptor is available in our catalog. The remaining two legs of a Claws-All tripod can be connected to any combination of these "C" to "B" adapters, or "B" size bolted bases or suction cup feet.

More about the Claws-All's suction feet...

The Claws-All's patented power-lock suction cups provide excellent adhesion strength on all smooth, non-porous surfaces including plastic, fiberglass, glass and gelcoat.

The mechanical power-locking lever on each suction cup foot has stainless steel fittings, allowing the cup to be moistened with freshwater or saltwater for a powerful vacuum seal.

Each suction foot of the Claws-All requires only a 3 ½ inch (9 cm) diameter of surface area. The three feet can be clustered together in a single location or spread apart to span across an area as wide as 30 inches (76 cm).

Each leg can extend over 18" (46 cm) from the center of the hub to the base of the suction foot, allowing the tripod to straddle a storage compartment, fishing crate or other obstacles on deck.

Unlike camera mounts offering two or three suction-cups fixed to a single base and requiring a substantially sized smooth surface area for mounting, the Claws-All legs can be spread and its feet independently pivoted to mate with your deck at tight spots between deck rigging, hatches, fishing rod holders and other obstructions.

Each suction foot has two independent "ankle" joints, allowing the feet to meet the deck surface comfortably on plane for maximum adhesion. And by acting independent of one another rather than on a single plane, each foot can successfully mate to an area of the deck having its own slight contour.

At the top of each leg, near the plaftform, two independent "hip" joints allow each leg to be positioned so that the platform itself can hover at a desired location and orientation above.

Wind Resistance on Kayalu Toughbar arm

Streamlined Response to Wind + Water

The Claws-All —like all Kayalu poles and extensions, are designed for the active user.

Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic responses to wind and water are critical factors in the efficient use of a paddler's energy. Every millimeter of pole diameter and weight contribute to resistance.

Kayalu's engineering objective is to maximize structural strength of extension arms with the least weight and drag acting on the deck.

Even on a balmy day, forward motion of a boat or kayak is impeded by poles, mounts and components. Airflow around blocky, blunt or wide-diameter objects causes air currents to separate, creating negative pressure on the backside. This negative pressure is experienced as resistance acting against the forward motion.

A narrow pole, by comparison, allows air and water to move around and over its surface, causing little to no separation. This is a significant advantage to the boater or paddler.

top: 1" RAM B Ball
middle: 1.5" RAM C Ball
bottom: 2.25" RAM D Ball

A multipurpose tripod like no other.

One of the most exciting features of the Claws-All is its ability to be rapidly coupled to a wide variety of electronic devices and accessories — even navigation lights, spotlights, cup holders and wind vanes.

Each Claws-All is pre-assembled with an upper platform and one mounting ball. Platforms are available with a 1-inch diameter "B" size ball, or 1.5-inch diameter "C" size ball, or a 2.25-inch "D" size ball. Spare platforms and balls are available separately.

Each RAM Mounts ball, whether B, C or D size, can host a wide variety of RAM Mounts cradles and accessories for that particular ball size.

In addition to supporting RAM Mounts cradles and accessories, a Claws-All can support Kayalu assemblies and extension arms. For example, a Claws-All with a "C" size ball can host a Kayalu Radpole arm for mounting "B" size cradles, camera mounts and navigation lights.

Claws-All Specification Chart

How does the Claws-All™ differ from a Kayalu Suckerpod™?

Because the Suckerpod is engineered of lighter weight materials, we don't recommend a Suckerpod for mounting a heavier camera or device.

Major Differences:

Claws-All platform ball sizes.
  1. The Claws-All's upper platform has broader shoulders so it is slightly more stable.
  2. The Claws-All is available with a "B" size ball or a larger "C" or "D" size ball on its upper platform, while the Suckerpod ships with a "B" size 1/4"-20 camera adaptor and is not recommended for gear requiring "C" and "D" balls.
  3. The Claws-All has lightweight aluminum arms / joints. The Suckerpod has fiber composite composite arms / joints.
  4. The Suckerpod is lighter by approximately 12 ounces.
  5. The Suckerpod has smaller shoulders so it folds down to a more compact size.
  6. The Suckerpod is sold with suction cup feet. The Claws-All is sold with a choice of bolted bases or suction feet.
  7. The Suckerpod is available in an extra-tall 42" model. The Claws-All is available in a "Shorty" model.
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