Tips on maintaining Kayalu lights including the Kayalite and WaterTorch XT...

We′ve developed a few tips for users of our lights, including the Kayalite and WaterTorch XT.

ON FIRST USE or after a period in storage, remove the lens completely by turning it counter-clockwise. Reattach the lens, turning it clockwise. Removing the lens releases air pressure built up over time.

TO TURN THE LIGHT ON twist the lens clockwise. It is not necessary to tighten the lens. Do not overtighten. If the LEDs flicker, remove and reattach the lens to reseat the LED module. To turn OFF, twist the lens counter-clockwise, one-quarter turn, away from the ON position.

TO REPLACE THE BATTERIES remove the lens by twisting it counter-clockwise. Grasp the entire LED module (not the LEDs directly) and pull gently to reveal batteries. Use (3) AA Alkaline batteries. We do not recommend using rechargeable batteries with Kayalu lights because rechargeable batteries are prone to expansion, especially when exposed to heat from direct sunlight.

TO MAINTAIN the light, occasionally remove the lens and brush or wipe the threads with a clean cloth to keep free of dirt or sand. Threads may be lubricated as needed with a drop of silicone lubricant. We recommend removing batteries off-season.

Spare parts are available in the Extras section of our catalog, including lens and LED module replacements.

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