Can I install an eyelet on my kayak or boat if there is no other point to clip to?

Yes. A modest eyebolt can be installed quite easily on a boat, kayak, dinghy, inflatable, canoe or any other watercraft, simply by drilling a small hole on any firm and relatively flat surface on which the product is to be used.

As shown here, an eyebolt and drill bit are not much larger in diameter than a pencil lead.

The drilled hole should allow for a 4" clearance, the diameter of a Kayalu product's base.

For a craft without a deck, for example a canoe, you can mount a small eyelet on any surface such as a wooden bench, transom or the top of a storage compartment.

We offer a complete Eyebolt Kit, including a 5/32" drill bit (shown in above photo), a stainless steel eyebolt (also in above photo), a rubber and brass well nut, washer, jam nut and installation instructions.

Click here to open a new window with information about our Eyebolt Kit.

Because Kayalu products are portable, you may decide to install eyelets in multiple locations, depending on the particular application.

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