Can I use a Kayalite in extreme conditions, heavy seas or whitewater?

Our "Secure-Attach" products such as the Kayalite are constructed using premium grade materials to ensure durability and reliability in harsh environments.

No modifications are required for moderately difficult activities such as kayak rolls, or conditions ranging from heavy winds to the pounding of waves.

Recommended Mods for Extreme Conditions

If you are planning to use one of these products in extremely turbulent conditions, for example heavy seas or higher classes of whitewater, we recommend that you replace our elastic bungee shock cord with a rope that is less flexible when managing significant force.

A 19" length of 3/16" to 1/4" double braid nylon rope can be tied to the Kayalite′s steel breech clip, fed through the mast's inner tube as a suitable replacement for the bungee. Knot the end emerging from the inner tube to prevent the line from withdrawing back into the tube.

When the steel clip is secured to your deck and the line is pulled firm, the base will be firmly mated to your deck surface. Under tension, the line can be cleated off for a secure hold.

The foam base should compress slightly, keeping the base firmly pressed to the surface of attachment.

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