Why do Kayalites have two different types of bungee cable terminators?

The Kayalite is assembled using one of two different types of bungee cable terminators, as shown below. One type of terminator is a simple knot pulled tight in the bungee cable. The other type of terminator is a stainless steel hog ring and a nylon spacer serving as an end stop.

Both types of terminators serve the same purpose: To prevent the bungee cable from being pulled out of the Kayalite mast.

We tie a knot in all single-unit and smaller Kayalite orders, because these orders are typically filled as they arrive. We use the hog ring and spacer as a terminator when assembling a larger quantity of Kayalites at one time, for bulk shipments. The reason for this switch is that the hand-tied knots are actually difficult for one person to tie in large quantities. We use a pneumatic hog ring gun to form the other terminator.

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