Can a Kayalite be used on car hood or other unstable surface?

Absolutely. The Kayalite is certainly not limited to marine applications.

The Kayalite mast can be secured to any unstable surface with excellent results, as long as a point of attachment (i.e. an eyelet) is available for holding the Kayalite′s steel fastener.

The Kayalite requires 4" clearance for its base, on a relatively flat surface. The Kayalite′s cushioned base can adapt to slight contours and irregularities on the surface of attachment.

If your application requires an exceptionally strong attachment, for example to a vehicle traveling at high speed, we recommend replacing the Kayalite′s bungee cord with a durable, relatively inelastic cord such as 1/4" Nylon or Dacron double braid or a custom assembly of aircraft cable and a steel spring.

If we receive sufficient demand for such an application, we may be able to make a steel tensioning cable assembly available for general purchase.

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