How does the Kayalite compare with other commercially available navigation lights?

We've assembled an array of factors for analysis of competitive products:
quality of construction
compliance with U.S.C.G. Navigation Rules for "vessels under oars"
loss-proof, impact resistant fastening system
ease of attachment/detachment
battery life (100+ hours)
lamp: 2-LED bright white
lamp life (10,000 hours)
buoyancy: floats if dropped overboard
submersible to 1000 feet (300 meters)
marine-grade materials
body and Lexan lens capable of sustaining direct impact
resistance to UV (sunlight) and salt corrosion
reconfigurable: lenses, LED modules, extension kit
replacement parts available separately: lens, LED module, body, base, cable/clip
user-replaceable standard batteries (AA) included
portability: compactness of size/weight
high visibility (both diffuse and direct line of sight to LED point light source)
alternative uses on water: deck light, anchor light, electric torch, flashlight
freestanding: alternative use onshore include tent/table light
compliance with international navigational lighting standards
compliance with SOLAS and USA inland regs
Company reputation and track record
Guarantee and Warranty
Made in the USA

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