How does the Kayalite stay upright?

The Kayalite has a flat base constructed of EVA rubber and is designed for placement on a generally flat surface such as a central point on a kayak's afterdeck. When the Kayalite is clipped to a fixed point (i.e. eyelet or pad eye), and its tensioning cable pulled taut, the rubber cushion is pressed firmly against the deck.

The tension cable keeps the Kayalite secured to your deck while maintaining suitable pressure to keep the light upright.

When impacted, such as when paddling under low-hanging branches or if struck accidentally by a paddle smack, the Kayalite is designed to flex and return to its upright position.

The Kayalite's cushioned base adapts to a variety of forces acting on its mast, allowing the light to rock or sway while keeping the mast upright.

To eliminate any flexing, possibly desirable in whitewater or heavy surf, the tensioning cable can be removed and replaced with a cable having limited elasticity such as a length of .25" double-braid nylon.

Click here to view how the Kayalite is secured to a deck surface.

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