Can I adjust the brightness of the Kayalite?

During our engineering of the Kayalite, we tested at sea in varying conditions, with the objective of incorporating a light that provided optimal performance while meeting U. S. Coast Guard regulations for lighting of a kayaks, canoes and any USCG-defined "vessel under oars" under USCG Rule 25.

We generally recommend against increasing the brightness of a Kayalite, because higher intensities can impair the night vision of other boaters and paddlers — particularly those accompanying you.

For applications where reduced or greater intensity is required, we offer 1-LED, 2-LED and 4 LED modules in our catalog. Our factory standard part on all Kayalite, WaterTorch, Navlite and handheld R25 Electric Torch lighting products is a 2-LED module.

We′ve put together a few sound recommendations for outfitting a kayak, SOT, SUP or canoe (opens in new window).

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