What are some of the Kayalu brand name translations for search engines?

Kayalite, Radpole
•  Spain, Spanish: luz del kajak
•  France, French: lumiere de kayak
•  Germany, German: Kajaklicht
•  Portugal, Portuguese: luz do caiaque
•  Italy, Italian: luce del kajak
•  The Netherlands, Dutch: kajak licht

Kayacam, Radpole
•  Spain, Spanish: montaje de camara
•  France, French: monture de camera
•  Germany, German: Kameraeinfassung
•  Portugal, Portuguese: montagem de camera
•  Italy, Italian: supporto di macchina fotografica
•  The Netherlands, Dutch: de camera zet op

•  Spain, Spanish: tripode de camara
•  France, French: la camera tripod
•  Germany, German: Kamerastativ
•  Portugal, Portuguese: tripe de camera
•  Italy, Italian: treppiedi di macchina fotografica
•  The Netherlands, Dutch: camera driepoot

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