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Kayalu accessorized power-locking suction cup camera mounts, video mounts, binocular mounts, iPhone mounts and more.

Kayalu all-weather all-water Aerodynamic Suction Mounts

RAM Mounting Systems
RAM Expedition Kayaks blog review of Kayalu Ram Mounts suction camera mount

Kayalu suction-cup camera mounts are rugged and reliable whether on deck for a sea kayak expedition or recovering from a roll in frigid seas.

For paddlers interested in performance, Kayalu mounts and extensions offer unparalleled stability along with streamlined response to aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forces of wind, waves and surf.

We've taken time to test our own custom modifications and fittings in contact with water, salt and caustic elements common to marine environments. On Boston Harbor and the Charles River, we calibrate improvements to each Kayalu suction mount with an intent to resist corrosion season after season, year after year.

At Kayalu, we don't cut corners.

RAM Mounting Systems Power Locking Suction Cup Camera Mount

Competitive camera mounts for outdoor use are manufactured of ABS plastic and PVC, plated steel bolts, aluminum rivets, and zinc-plated fittings — all materials subject to rapid corrosion in marine water and sunlight.

With a Kayalu mount, you're protecting your deck and your treasured camera, mating both to a tripod stud and assembly that isn't deteriorating with every use.

RAM Mounts camera and video adaptors.

Kayalu camera mounts are manufactured of a composite fiber polymer — far more rugged than ABS plastic, with marine-grade aluminum arms and studs, stainless steel extension arms and bolts, and Kayalu's trademark marine-grade fittings and accessories.

Mounted to a truck, boat or plane, our suction cup mounts for camera, video cam, GPS, fish finder, iPod and iPhone are unique in quality and versatility.

Reviews in paddlesports magazines and blogs most frequently qualify Kayalu suction mounts as "best in class." Not only do we put elbow grease into our assembly and testing, we're an authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer of RAM Mounts, the world's leading manufacturer of mounts and components, each battle-tested use in for harsh environments.

Just examine any competitive mount. It's likely you'll find a zinc-plated screw, rivet or fitting, or a cheap aluminum baseplate or brittle plastic handle where the manufacturer skimped on stainless steel and fiberglass composite construction.

When you're out in the middle of a lake or on rough seas, construction matters. You won't have an opportunity to reflect on false advertising of subgrade materials mislabeled as "marine-grade."

Kayalu Suction Camera Mount with GoPro Hero

From tip to tail — suction-cup fittings to the thread for your camera, Kayalu mounts are manufactured of composite, stainless steel and marine-grade aluminum structural components.

We've integrated RAM's power-locking suction technology with premium-grade accessories and fittings, adding our trademark nylon-coated tether and steel clip, abrasion-proof camera pads and rubber bushings.

Kayalu's suction mounts are shipped fully assembled and tested, ready for installation on a non-porous surface such as a smooth plastic, composite polymer, fiberglass kayak deck, car hood or windshield, gelcoat boat transom, airplane or helicopter control panel.

The RAM Power-Locking Suction Cup Video Mount and RAM Power-Locking Suction Cup Camera Mount each provide a unique opportunity for you to secure your digital camera, camcorder or speedlight using a locking vacuum cup design similar to the mechanical suction cups used by professional glass installers.

Kayalu Suction Camera Mount with GoPro Hero on waterline

Kayalu camera and video mounts are also available fully assembled with an optional stainless steel Toughbar™ extension arm giving you extended reach and flexibility.

Our Toughbar extensions are not only durable, they are streamlined for aerodynamic performance in harsh weather conditions.

Streamlined Response to Wind + Water

Wind Resistance on Kayalu Toughbar arm

Kayalu mounts are designed for the active paddler. Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic responses to wind and water are critical factors in the efficient use of a paddler's energy. Every millimeter of mount and pole diameter contributes to resistance.

Kayalu's engineering objective is to maximize structural strength of extension arms with the least weight and drag acting on the deck.

Even on a balmy day, forward motion of a kayak is impeded by poles, mounts and components. Airflow around blocky, blunt or wide-diameter objects causes air currents to separate, creating negative pressure on the backside. This negative pressure is experienced as resistance acting against the forward motion.

A narrow pole or mount, by comparison, allows air and water to move around and over its surface, causing little to no separation. This is a significant advantage to the paddler.

All Kayalu accessorized RAM Mounts products are made and assembled in the USA.

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Looking for a camera tripod with suction cup feet? Our SuckerPod is the only marine-grade tripod of its kind. Click here for more information.

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