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NavBeam™ Submersible Headlight

NavBeam on dark lake

The Kayalu NavBeam is a ruggedized bright-white LED headlight for a kayak, canoe, inflatable or other small watercraft. The NavBeam is no ordinary LED flashlight, it's actually a submersible light capable of operating in fog, rain, ice and sleet — even at 1000 feet (300 m) below sea level.

Applications include:

  • Training a beam on a rocky shoreline.
  • Finding a lost lure in a tree branch.
  • Illuminating maps and equipment on deck.
  • Fix the beam on an incoming watercraft as a signal to avoid collision.
  • Swimming, snorkeling and diving with a reliable submersible light.
NavBeam with Playsport on ParkerMount

Beyond its ordinary uses, you can use your NavBeam for other creative applications.

For example, when your GoPro® Hero HD, Nikon or Canon video/camera gear is recording your aquatic adventures after dark, the NavBeam will light your subject with a white light of consistent intensity and temperature.

The video below was recorded with a Kodak PlaySport videocam mounted on a kayak alongside a NavBeam XL (2-LED):

Navbeam Submersible Headlight for Kayak, Boat, Dinghy, Inflatable, SOT, Sit-on-Top

NavBeams are available with a wide variety of mounting options, including fixed base, suction base and as an addition to any existing RAM Mount compatible base.

We offer two NavBeam models, the NavBeam™ XL and the NavBeam™ LE.

From Dashboard to Boat Deck

The NavBeam is integrated a RAM Mounts 1-inch "B" ball. What does this mean for you?

In addition to being compatible with your existing RAM Mounts gear, the NavBeam can be seated atop a wide variety of mounting systems in our catalog including our Radpole™ multipurpose gear poles, Toughbar™ extension arms and power-locking suction mounts.

NavBeam™ XL high-intensity beam: The NavBeam™ XL is a ruggedized, high-intensity, multi-LED submersible headlight. The XL incorporates the popular Tektite Trek 2 and Trek 4 lights used by US/NATO forces, capable of withstanding the destructive force of tank treads (click here to watch YouTube video).

The primary function of a NavBeam XL is to project a high-intensity beam from the deck of your kayak, canoe or boat. The NavBeam XL is the light of choice if you want 100% of projected light aimed in the direction of the beam.

The quality of light projected from a NavBeam XL is similar to a bright, handheld flashlight with a smooth floodlight beam. A NavBeam XL can provide 20-40 hours of light at full intensity and an additional 80-160 hours of usable light. And you can take this flashlight for a dive when you're exploring the coral reefs. Sweet!

NavBeam™ LE forward beam and 360° light: The NavBeam™ LE projects a lower-intensity beam by comparison with the XL, but offers a dual-use as both a directed beam and a 360° all-around light to provide night visibility for others on the watersheet to see your craft.

The NavBeam LE uses 360° submersible light of the type we use in our best-selling Kayalite and Radpole navigation lights — a Tektite Mark III marker light. It can be aimed upward for 360° visibility, and can also be directed to project a focused beam. The forward beam of the NavBeam™ LE is similar in intensity to a high-quality bicycle or miner's headlamp. Equal in rugged construction to the NavBeam XL, the NavBeam LE is a great choice if you are looking for a rugged, dual-purpose light having both a narrow beam and 360° visibility.

Illuminating the Darkest of Passages

NavBeam LE and XL lights are invaluable for navigating extremely dark areas while avoiding rocks, tree branches and other obstructions.

Unlike LED flashlights and high-intensity spotlights that consume power in bursts before losing power, the NavBeam XL and NavBeam LE use premium grade LEDs manufactured for Tektite by Nichia Corporation and engineered to project a beam of cool white light for many hours of continuous use. Turn the NavBeam on at night, and it can provide light for the duration of an overnight expedition with energy to spare.

As for the power of a NavBeam, its Nichia LEDs are so intense you'd be well advised not to stare directly into them.

The NavBeam housing is virtually indestructible, unparalleled in flexibility and can easily survive an impact with a paddle or tree branch.

The NavBeam housing is constructed of ABS and Lexan with a patented rubber o-ring seal. The NavBeam light and its RAM Mounts ball are corrosion-proof, ideal for sea kayaking and/or diving in saltwater.

Capable of withstanding submersion to depths of 1000 feet, a NavBeam can be mounted as an underwater spotlight for viewing flora and fauna in clear water. A NavBeam can be directed underwater as a surface vessel identifier for divers. And a NavBeam can be quickly removed from its mount for use as a handheld dive light.

Need info? Click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


We do not manufacture, sell or recommend the use of ANY suction-cup based product for use on life-safety gear, particularly navigation lights which may be mounted out of reach or out of view of a paddler or boater. While the Kayalu Power-Locking Suction model of the NavBeam is useful for illumination in dark conditions, we do not recommend use of ANY suction cup mounted light for compliance with navigation standards.

The NavBeam and NavBeam XL are both intended for use as a unidirectional headlight — not a USCG or SOLAS compliant navigation light. If focused in any direction other than directly upward toward the sky, neither the NavBeam LE or NavBeam XL will provide 360° visibility.

If you are interested in using the NavBeam LE or NavBeam XL for both uni-directional lighting and 360° visibility as a navigation light, we would recommend the use of a ParkerMount or Radpole mount instead of a suction mount. These mounts have a rigid base and thereby overcome the reliability limitations of a suction mount for use as a stern or anchor light. A NavBeam LE may be directed skyward without modification for use as a 360° white navigation light. A NavBeam XL has a baffle which can be removed when the light is to be used for 360° visibility.

For USCG / SOLAS compliant navigation lighting of a kayak or canoe, consider pairing a NavBeam LE or NavBeam XL with our Kayalite KLT-1050 Deck, Anchor and Stern Light. The NavBeam headlight is a useful supplement to the Kayalite KLT-1050 or any other UCSG / SOLAS compliant navigation lighting.
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