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® Kayak Light
Titanium-infused Lexan lens optimized for bright white LED output 

(Boston, MA — October 1, 2012) Kayalu is now shipping a white diffusion lens for the company’s flagship product, the Kayalite™ kayak light. The diffusion lens was developed through a year-long engineering research partnership with paddlesports manufacturer YakAttack LLC (Farmville, VA) and submersible light manufacturer Tektite Industries Inc. (Trenton, NJ).

Light emitted from the Kayalite’s bright white LED point source is diffused and distributed uniformly across the lens housing. Diffused rays normally emitted skyward are reflected within the lens housing and redirected across the plane of the watersheet.

“The diffusion lens represents a significant advancement in technology for paddlers navigating dark and possibly difficult environments,” stated Kayalu President Steve Hollinger. “The optical qualities of the lens and LED improve visibility while protecting the paddler’s night vision.”

Kayalu’s diffusion lens is manufactured of titanium-infused Lexan, appearing as a semi-translucent, milk-white housing with a thick wall capable of sustaining direct impact. The diffusion lens is manufactured exclusively for Kayalu and YakAttack by Tektite Industries.

The Kayalite kayak light is buoyant and submersible to 1000 feet below sea level and employs Kayalu’s patent-pending “secure-attach” mounting technology. The Kayalite meet and exceeds U.S. Coast Guard rules for night navigation of a kayak, canoe and vessels under oars (U.S.C.G. Rule 25).

The Kayalite kayak light is available online and through authorized resellers at a suggested retail price of $39.95. As of October 1, 2012, the diffusion lens replaces the Kayalite’s classic clear lens in all shipping units. A Diffusion Lens upgrade kit is available to existing Kayalite owners at a suggested retail price of $9.95.  A Diffusion Lens upgrade kit is available free of charge (free shipping in USA) for Kayalite owners having purchased a clear lens unit after September 1, 2012.


Kayalu is the outdoor products division of S. H. Pierce & Co. (Boston, MA), a product developer and engineering company founded in 1989. Kayalu has filed for international patent protection on a range of high-performance accessories including marine mounts for use on irregular or unstable surfaces.


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