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High-visibility light features patented mounting system and SUP leash plug clip

(Boston, MA — March 1, 2016) Kayalu Gear is now shipping the Kayalite‑SUP, a portable, 360° high-visibility light for stand-up paddleboards. Capable of recovering from a rollover in shallow surf or direct impact, the Kayalite-SUP represents a significant improvement over existing portable SUP night visibility solutions. Kayalu has been granted two U.S. patents for technology incorporated into the Kayalite‑SUP.

“Reliability at night, through unforeseen events, was a critical objective of our engineering process,” said Kayalu President Steve Hollinger. “The Kayalite–SUP light is loss-proof, unsinkable and virtually indestructible —qualities our testing on Boston Harbor proved invaluable after dark.”

In operation, the Kayalite-SUP user fastens its “SUP-Clip” to the cross-bar recessed within a SUP’s leash plug. The SUP-Clip, manufactured of high-strength nylon, is compatible with leash plugs found on most adult-size SUPs and can share the leash plug with an existing leash. If the SUP lacks an available leash plug, the Kayalite‑SUP can be secured to any point of attachment on deck such as an FCS fin plug, D-ring, deck loop, or taut bungee.

A tensioning cable within the Kayalite-SUP’s core ensures that the light’s mast stays upright, flexing upon impact to prevent snapping or detaching. To provide additional stability, a resilient foam base adapts to contours and imperfections while protecting the deck surface from scratches.

Kayalu partnered with Tektite Industries Inc. (Trenton, NJ) to incorporate a bright white LED marker light into the Kayalite-SUP, featuring a 10,000-hour lamp life, operable for 200 hours on the three AA batteries (included). The Kayalite–SUP light’s white diffusion lens was developed in a year-long collaboration between Kayalu, Tektite and Yak Attack, LLC (Burkeville, VA).

The Kayalite-SUP is constructed of high-impact ABS and Lexan, marine-grade hardware and a saltwater resistant nylon-coated shock cord. The Kayalite–SUP is buoyant, and submersible to 1,000 feet (300m) below sea level. The Kayalite‑SUP light meets USCG and SOLAS regulations for lighting of vessels under oars including SUP, kayak, surfski, sit-on-top (SOT), scull and canoe.

The Kayalite-SUP is available from Kayalu and authorized Kayalu resellers at a suggested retail price of $59.95. All Kayalu products carry a 30-day guarantee and one-year warranty.


Kayalu Gear is the outdoor products division of S. H. Pierce & Co. (Boston, MA). Kayalite, Kayalite-SUP, SUP-Clip, Secure-Attach and the Kayalu logo are trademarks of Kayalu Gear. Kayalite-SUP incorporates technology of U.S. patents #8,651,440, #8,814,111. SUP-Clip is patent-pending. Kayalu patented Secure‑Attach™ mounting systems are available under license for consumer and industrial applications.