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Tension-based mounting system provides stability and impact recovery

(Boston, MA — August 26, 2014) Boston-based inventor Steve Hollinger, President of Kayalu Gear, has been awarded U.S. Patent #8,814,111, Portable multi-purpose mast for rapid, secure attachment to unsteady, inclined and irregular surfaces. The patent complements Hollinger’s U.S. Patent #8,651,440, issued on February 24, 2014.

The patented technology, incorporated into Kayalu's Kayalite kayak light, enables pole-mounted electronic devices to be quickly, securely attached and remain upright on an unstable surface such as a kayak or moving vehicle.

“Erratic performance of suction cups and rigid poles in challenging environments called for development of a stable, impact-resistant pole for portable lights and electronic gear,” stated Hollinger. “A 360° all-around light capable of recovering from an accidental paddle-smack or rollover is absolutely invaluable after dark.”

In operation, the paddler clips a shock cord at the base of the Kayalite to an eyelet or deck loop on the kayak deck. Once clipped, the opposite end of the cord is pulled taut and cinched to a jam cleat on the side of the pole. The pole and its light, camera, GPS unit or other payload remains upright, mated to the deck while absorbing and rebounding from forces acting upon it.

Kayalu has trademarked its newly patented mounting system as “Secure-Attach” technology. The company anticipates licensing Secure-Attach technology for consumer and industrial applications. In addition to U.S. patents 8,651,440 and 8,814,111, now issued at USPTO, Kayalu has a portfolio of patents pending.


Kayalu is the outdoor products division of S. H. Pierce & Co. (Boston, MA), a product developer and engineering company founded in 1989. Kayalu has filed for international patent protection on a range of high-performance accessories including marine mounts for use on irregular or unstable surfaces.