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Kayalu introduces portable, marine-grade device mount

Kayaball® integrates patent-pending attachment system with RAM Mounts cradles

Date: February 20, 2010
Release: Immediately
Contact: Katerina Potter
617 338-2222
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(New England Boat Show, Boston, MA — February 20, 2010) Kayalu is now shipping the Kayaball® Universal Device Mount, a portable, marine-grade mount compatible with GPS, iPhone, Blackberry and hundreds of mobile device cradles available from RAM Mounting Systems Inc., the premiere manufacturer of mounts for use in harsh outdoor environments. The Kayaball’s patent-pending mast technology provides for the secure attachment of a mobile device to any unstable surface, eliminating the need for unreliable suction cups or major alterations to the boat’s surface.

“With the marriage of our impact-resistant mast technology with RAM’s popular ball-and-socket system,” said Kayalu President Steve Hollinger, “paddlers and boaters can, for the first time, attach GPS units, phones and MP3 players to their craft with a mount that provides both stability and completely portability.”

Clipped to an existing eyelet or pad eye on the deck of a kayak or similarly unstable surface, the Kayaball’s patent-pending tensioning system can firmly hold a GPS, iPhone, iPod and RAM cradle weighing up to 7 ounces (199 g) while remaining capable of surviving a wave, a roll or a direct impact. Attached to the deck of a boat or canoe, the Kayaball can firmly host devices of up to 9 ounces (257 g). A resilient foam base adapts to contours and imperfections on the surface and prevents scratches and dents.

To manafacture the Kayaball, Kayalu has recently formalized an OEM agreement with RAM Mounting Systems (Seattle, WA). At the head of the Kayaball mast is a standard RAM Mounts 1" diameter ball, capable of supporting RAM’s popular line of cradles, holsters and waterproof containers customized for electronic gear. The RAM ball-and-socket mounting system offers more positioning flexibility and ease of use by comparison with competitive products, and allows a user to support multiple mobile devices with the same Kayaball mast.

Kayalu, the outdoor products division of S. H. Pierce & Co., has filed for international patent protection on a range of high-performance boating accessories including the Kayalite Deck and Stern Light and the Kayacam Universal Camera Mount, enabling its user to secure a compact camera or mini-video recorder to an irregular or unstable surface. All Kayalu products carry a 30-day guarantee and 90-day repair or replacement warranty. The Kayaball is available online at and through authorized resellers at a suggested retail price of $39.95.


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