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Kayalu introduces portable, marine-grade camera mount

Kayacam® patent-pending attachment system improves stability and versatility

Date: February 20, 2010
Release: Immediately
Contact: Katerina Potter
617 338-2222
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(New England Boat Show, Boston, MA — February 20, 2010) Kayalu is now shipping the Kayacam® Universal Camera Mount, a portable mount that can be secured to the deck of a boat, kayak or similarly unstable surface. Capable of hosting a compact camera or mini-video recorder on its mast, the Kayacam clips to any eyelet, deck loop or pad eye, eliminating the need for permanent brackets or other major alterations to the watercraft. The Kayacam’s ball-and-socket head provides the camera with an unparalleled range of motion, and provides a quick-locking handle to maintain camera position.

“For years, boaters and paddlers have jerry-rigged camera mounts using brackets and suction cups,” said Kayalu President Steve Hollinger. “With the emergence of rugged, waterproof cameras such as the Canon D10 we have an exciting opportunity to produce a compact, marine-grade mount that meets a higher standard for portability and reliability.”

Kayalu’s patent-pending technology features a tension-based attachment system, with a flexible cable passing through the Kayacam’s mast that is easily clipped to the boat or kayak, pulled taut, and cinched on a jam cleat on the mast. Overcoming problems typically facing suction-cup and pole-based mounting systems, the Kayacam’s resilient foam base adapts to contours and imperfections on the deck, cushions the camera from unnecessary impacts, and protects the boat or kayak surface from being scratched or marred.

To manufacture the Kayacam, Kayalu has formalized an OEM agreement with RAM Mounting Systems Inc. (Seattle, WA), the premiere manufacturer of device mounts used in harsh outdoor environments. The Kayacam represents a marriage of Kayalu’s patent-pending mast with three RAM components including a powder-coated aluminum ball with a standard 1/4"-20 camera screw, a double-socket arm with an easy-tighten handle and a wedge that can be inserted or removed from the mast. The Kayacam is constructed using marine-grade stainless steel hardware, a plated steel breech clip, and a saltwater resistant nylon-coated bungee cord.

Kayalu has filed for international patent protection on a range of high-performance accessories for paddlers and boaters including the Kayalite Deck and Stern Light and the Kayaball Universal Device Mount, enabling its user to secure a GPS, iPhone or other mobile device to an irregular or unstable surface. All Kayalu products carry a 30-day guarantee and 90-day repair or replacement warranty. The Kayacam is available online at and through authorized resellers at a suggested retail price of $49.95.


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