Radpole multipurpose portable camera mount, navigation light mount and fishing pole mount.
Radpole™ ruggedized all-in-one aluminum mount for camera, video, portable LED 360° navigation light, fishing rod and more.

Radpole™ — the all-weather, all-water, aerodynamic all-in-one mounting system.

Looking for a ruggedized aerodynamic mount for over-the-shoulder shots from your GoPro, Contour or other waterproof camera?

Want a gear mount with infinite possibilities for accessorization?

The Radpole is our ultimate all-in-one mounting system, hosting your camera equipment, electronic devices, navigation gear — even your fishing rod, on its base.

The Radpole is hardened to the core, intended for use in freshwater, saltwater, rough water, sunlight, salt spray and blasts of sand. From head to tail, a Radpole's structural components are constructed entirely of lightweight aluminum — no plastics, PVC, imported or plated steel.

And we armor the Radpole with stainless steel and brass fittings to kick things up a notch.

Got any RAM gear already on deck? You can buy just a Radpole arm for your RAM "C" ball and add your own RAM "B" ball cradles, accessories and DIY gear. We sell our accessories à la carte as well.

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Our Radpole "Expedition Kit" is a complete package including the Radpole arm, base, stainless mounting hardware, camera mount, video mount and a waterproof Tektite navigation light providing 360° visibility, meeting U.S. Coast Guard, international and U.S. inland waterways regulations for "vessels under oar" including kayaks and canoes.

Everything you need in one box.

For storage and portage, the Radpole arm can be quickly swiveled at the base so the pole can be swung down to be stowed flush with your deck or quickly decoupled and removed with no loose parts. These ball-and-socket couplers allow the Radpole to be tightened just enough to maintain stability, while capable of flexing to sustain the impact of a tree branch, paddle whack or rapid attempt to reposition the pole.

With 100% of its structural components made of marine-grade, lightweight aluminum, the Radpole is built for the rough stuff.

Standing nearly 3 feet above your kayak or boat deck, the total weight of the entire 31" Radpole kit, fully loaded, is 26 ounces (750 g).

The Radpole's base is a RAM Mounts 1.5-inch, solid aluminum ball. It is 100% compatible with state-of-the-art RAM Mounts fishing rod holders, rocket launcher rod tubes and any "C" ball accessories manufactured by RAM — the world's leading manufacturer of ruggedized mounting solutions.

Exploded view of Radpole multipurpose portable camera mount, navigation light mount and fishing pole mount.
Kayalu Radpole RAM Mounts Aluminum C Ball

The Radpole base is bolted to your deck with our stainless steel hardware (included). We even add the properly sized drill bit for a quick install. Or, if you want to use the Radpole on an existing Hobie, Scotty, Attwood or Fish-On mount we'll substitute a 1.5-inch "B" ball RAM wedge adaptor for insertion into your existing mount at no extra charge.

As mentioned, if you already have installed a RAM Mounts 1.5-inch "C" ball on your deck, we offer the Radpole arm standalone, ready for you to add your own accessories. Or, you can purchase a Radpole SOT Kit with all of the accessories in our Expedition Kit but without a base and deck mounting hardware.

The coupler atop the Radpole accepts any RAM Mounts 1" ball so you can accessorize your Radpole with extras sold separately, extras included with the SOT Kit, plus any RAM "B" ball cradles and accessories available from a RAM Mounts vendor.

Streamlined Response to Wind + Water

Wind Resistance on Kayalu Toughbar arm

Radpoles —like all Kayalu poles and extensions, are designed for the active paddler. Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic responses to wind and water are critical factors in the efficient use of a paddler's energy. Every millimeter of pole diameter and weight contribute to resistance.

Kayalu's engineering objective is to maximize structural strength of extension arms with the least weight and drag acting on the deck.

Even on a balmy day, forward motion of a kayak is impeded by poles, mounts and components. Airflow around blocky, blunt or wide-diameter objects causes air currents to separate, creating negative pressure on the backside. This negative pressure is experienced as resistance acting against the forward motion.

A narrow pole, by comparison, allows air and water to move around and over its surface, causing little to no separation. This is a significant advantage to the paddler.

The Top-of-the-Line Multipurpose Mount

The Radpole is built tough, with components capable of standing up to the rigors of pitching and rolling, ultraviolet rays in sunlight, the brush of branches, the occasional paddle smack and salty sandblasts of seawater. For paddlers, anglers, boaters and sailors — even ATV enthusiasts, no competitive mount approaches the Radpole in price, quality and flexibility.

Click here to view a closeup of the Radpole's arm and base.

Made in the USA

Radpole with RAM Mounts Light Speed Revolution, Penn Reel and Walden Kayak. Image © 2011 Kayalu Gear

Kayalu products are built to take a beating, whether you're paddling through rough seas or scraping your deck with branches to move upstream.

To manufacture the Radpole, we partnered with RAM Mounts, Tektite Industries and a number of marine component suppliers, enabling us to experiment and integrate a wide variety of patented technologies and innovations.

Premium brass and stainless steel fittings, stainless steel installation hardware, nylon tethers, clips, rubber pads and accessories available only from Kayalu are built into every assembly.

The Radpole is made in the USA.

More Information about the Radpole

Kayalite is made in the USA.
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