Surfpole multipurpose portable camera mount, navigation light mount and fishing pole mount.

Surfpole™, the all-weather, all-water, heavy-duty multipurpose gear pole.

Materials used in construction of Surfpole multipurpose portable camera mount, navigation light mount and fishing pole mount.
Surfpole arm and base

The Surfpole is a multipurpose mount capable of hosting heavyweight gear including long-lens cameras, tablet computers and laptops.

The Surfpole can also host lighter gear including compact camera and video equipment, GPS and fishfinder, deck light and kayak navigation light.

Surfpole with Vanguard PH-20 pan-tilt head

The Surfpole's aluminum arm, aluminum couplers and large 1.5-inch diameter ball-and-socket joints have the strength necessary to host a professional quality camera head such as the pan-tilt head shown at left.

For a mount of the heft of the Surfpole, you have to be concerned about forces of leverage acting at its base on your kayak or boat deck. A poorly mounted extension arm can crack fiberglass, and can rip steel bolts through marine-grade plywood.

Surfpole construction.

So, for taller Surfpoles, larger payloads and active paddlers, we've developed a Leg Brace Kit allowing the Surfpole to be quickly converted from a single-pole monopod into a three-legged, portable, deck-mounted tripod.

The marine-grade Surfpole is intended for use in all-terrain, freshwater and saltwater environments.

Its components can stand up to the rigors of pitching and rolling in surf, ultraviolet rays in sunlight, the brush of branches, the occasional paddle smack and salty sandblasts of seawater.

For paddlers, anglers, boaters and sailors — even ATV enthusiasts, no competitive mount approaches the Surfpole in price, quality and construction.

No plastic, PVC or corrosion-prone metals are used in structural components of the Surfpole.

Like our popular Radpole™ — a multipurpose gear pole for cameras and gear weighing under 1 lb. — all of a Surfpole's structural components are constructed of marine-grade, lightweight aluminum.

The Surfpole's heft arrives from a pipe diameter and thickness nearly twice that of the Radpole.

Surfpole uses RAM Mounts components including a ball-and-socket coupler arm.

The Surfpole also differs from the Radpole in that its upper coupler accepts a larger 1.5-inch diameter "C" ball while the Radpole accepts a 1-inch "B" ball. This larger diameter ball-and-socket system provides the Surfpole with the friction necessary to hold larger cradles, camera heads and accessories.

Surfpole logo

We add stainless steel mounting hardware and Loctite® thread-locker between components to kick the Surfpole up a notch.

In addition to the accessories listed in our Kayalu catalog, the Surfpole is compatible with any 3rd party accessories sporting the popular RAM Mounts 1.5-inch "C" ball.

RAM Mounts C to B ball adaptor and coupler arm.

For example, you can host your digital camera or videocamera such as the GoPro® Hero HD (shown at left) using a "C" size RAM ball with a 1/4"-20 thread. No special camera head beyond this "C" ball is necessary to host a compact camera.

The Surfpole's "C" size camera ball screws directly into any camera or equipment having a threaded hole accepting a standard 1/4"-20 camera tripod screw. We add an EPDM rubber pad to the RAM ball to protect your camera from abrasion.

Any device cradle or accessory sporting a RAM "C" size ball is compatible with the Surfpole's upper coupler.

RAM Mounts C to B ball adaptor and coupler arm.

What's more, with the addition of an optional RAM Mounts Surfpole C-to-B Adaptor Arm (shown at left) accessories having a 1-inch "B" ball — for example a Kayalu NavBeam™ submersible light shown at left — can also be hosted atop the Surfpole.

The C-to-B Adaptor Arm has a "C" size ball below and a smaller "B" size coupler above, ready to accept a "B" size ball. The NavBeam light shown in the image at left has a "B" size ball, compatible with the adaptor's coupler.

The structural components of the C-to-B Adaptor Arm, including both its RAM Mounts coupler and internal RAM balls, are 100% lightweight, marine-grade aluminum. So, with this small C-to-B Adaptor Arm, you can host your existing RAM Mounts GPS cradle, iPhone/iPod cradle, fishfinder or any other device cradle having a "B" size ball.

The Surfpole maximizes your mounting options and configuration. A Surfpole can be quickly detached and relocated from one base to another on your kayak's deck.

And when your day is done, the Surfpole's sturdy arm can be quickly folded alongside your deck. Or, stow the arm away leaving its sleek aluminum base ready to host your rod holders and deck-mounted gear.

Rugged, Reliable and Lightweight

The Surfpole is virtually indestructible. Its large pair of ball-and-socket couplers accept 1.5" RAM "C" balls capable of withstanding force of wind and surf on a heavy payload.

The pipe of a Surfpole is nearly 3/4" in diameter, a size and thickness unparalleled in strength by comparison with any competitive monopod, tripod or marine mount.

Kayalu Surfpole tripod with suction feet
Kayalu Radpole RAM Mounts Aluminum C Ball

Despite the Surfpole's heavy-duty arm construction, it remains surprisingly lightweight and portable. Our longest Surfpole arm (29 inches from coupler to coupler) weighs only 22 ounces — that's 1.5 lbs.

With the addition of an aluminum base, backing plate and Vanguard camera head, this Surfpole weighs in at only 3 lbs. (1.4 kg).

Any RAM Mounts base having a 1.5-inch "C" size ball is compatible with a Surfpole arm. Your deck can have multiple bases available for use with your Surfpole arm and gear.

And because the Surfpole can manage significant weight, we're able to provide a host of tailor-made accessories in addition to those ordinarily available for mounting atop a gear pole.

We've made the Surfpole available in a variety of configurations, allowing you to customize your kayak with a base kit and extend your assembly when necessary.

The Surfpole arm is available in five different arm lengths, 9", 11", 14", 23" and 29". The optional Surfpole base, adaptors, gear heads and cradles add additional height to the arm.

More about the Surfpole's Capabilities

Surfpole is made in the USA.
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