Toughbar XL

Toughbar™ XL Series

Toughbar extension arm for RAM Mounts
Toughbar elbow extra long series

The Kayalu Toughbar™ XL Series is a set of extra-long extension arms for RAM Mount assemblies, including all RAM compatible camera mounts, GPS mounts, iPhone and iPod mounts, marine mounts, fishfinder mounts, binocular mounts, automotive mounts — virtually any mount that uses RAM's popular 1-inch "B" size ball-and-socket system.

The Toughbar XL Series is compatible with our Kayalu-accessorized RAM Locking Suction mounts available in our Online Catalog store.

The Toughbar XL is available in three sizes. The longest Toughbar XL adds 27.5" (70 cm) to your existing mount (shown at right). A midsize Toughbar XL adds 21.5" (55 cm) to your existing assembly. And the smallest Toughbar XL series adds 12.5 inches (32 cm) to your existing assembly.

Toughbar elbow extra long series

We manufacture the Toughbar XL Series using 100% original RAM Mounts components. The components include a marine-grade aluminum pole, an aluminum coupler arm with a socket that attaches to your existing RAM ball, and a powder-coated aluminum ball ready to connect to your existing RAM coupler.

The Toughbar XL, constructed using 1/2" pipe of lightweight marine-grade aluminum, is comparable in strength to our stainless steel Toughbars and slightly advantaged in weight. For example, a 14.5" stainless steel Toughbar weighs 7.5 ounces while a Toughbar XL nearly twice that length (27.5") weighs only 9 ounces.

To provide an extra measure of strength and reliability, we assemble the aluminum components (coupler, ball and pole) using Loctite® Threadlocker. All Toughbar XL products ship assembled and tested.

The Toughbar XL is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including freshwater and saltwater marine applications.

NOTE: Considering the substantial leveraged forces exerted at the base of a long-length extension arm, we do not recommend the use of a single Toughbar greater than 14" in length for hosting payloads greater than 1 lb., particularly if the application is subject to bouncing, impact, rolling or acceleration (kayak deck, for example). Such applications would be better stabilized by integration of a Kayalu Radpole™ arm or a Suckerpod tripod — not a single Toughbar XL leveraging force on a small 1" diameter ball. Please contact us if you are interested in custom construction of a specialized extension using either a ball mount or ratchet mount for larger payloads.

Kayalu Toughbar™ extension arms are made and assembled in the USA.

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