Finally, your treasured camera — for example a GoPro® Hero or the waterproof Canon PowerShot D10 shown here, can accompany you on every thrilling aquatic adventure.

The Kayacam allows you to mount any compact digital camera or mini-video recorder on its versatile head, extending the camera while keeping it firmly and securely mounted to your boat deck or moving vehicle.

No suction cups. No major alterations to your watercraft. And best of all, the Kayacam is a completely portable, waterproof monopod, detaching and re-attaching to a small eyelet on any surface, in seconds.

On boats under power or sail, canoes, sculls and dinghies, the Kayacam is recommended for mounting cameras of up to 9 ounces (257 g). On kayaks or surfaces routinely subject to rocking, jarring impact or sudden pitching, the Kayacam requires secure attachment to a flat surface, using compact digital cameras of up to 7 ounces (199 g).

Kayacam™ KCM-3000 Specifications
Kayalu® KCM-3000
Kayalu® KCM-3000
Kayalu® KCM-3000
Head: High-strength composite and aluminum
Head Hardware: Stainless Steel
Mast Material: ABS black, textured
Base Cushion Material: EVA foam
Camera Bushing: 1/4" EPDM Rubber
Fastener: plated steel breech clip
Mast Hardware: marine-grade stainless steel
Bungee Cable: saltwater-resistant nylon coated
Bungee Rings: marine-grade stainless steel
Locking Mechanism: jam cleat
U.S. Pats. #8,651,440, #8,814,111, patents pending
RAM Mount Components (included)
RAM 1" BALL W/ 1/4"-20 ALUM. STUD
Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

Material: High Strength Composite

Material: High Strength Composite

General Specifications
Height: 14.5 in. (37 cm)
Weight: 10.5 oz. (299 g)
Kayalu® KCM-3000

For more information about the Kayacam™ Universal Camera Mount read Product Details.


Available Options


For do- it-yourself installation of a custom point of attachment on your kayak, canoe, dinghy or boat. Kit includes premium marine-grade stainless steel eyebolt, rubber and brass wellnut, stainless steel nut, stainless steel washer, drill bit and installation instructions. This optional accessory is recommended for watercraft with no fixed point of attachment. Click Here to open a new window with information about the Eyebolt Kit.


  • Model: KCM-3000