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NOTE: A Philips screwdriver is required for assembly of this kit. Estimated assembly time: 5-10 minutes.

The Kayalite XT Dual Height Kit is a user-configurable, bright white, 360°, portable stern light for any watercraft classified by the U.S. Coast Guard as a "vessel under oars" including dinghy, kayak, sit-on-top, stand-up paddleboard, racing shell, canoe, rowboat or surfski.

With this dual-height kit, a Kayalite XT can be assembled, based on user preference, to either 21 inches (53 cm) or 28 inches (71 cm).

The 28-inch pole assembly of the Kayalite XT is designed for mounting on a flat surface, such as the top of a hatch or SOT crate cover, canoe bench or flat deck area.

The 21-inch assembly of the Kayalite XT is designed for mounting on a substantially flat or slightly contoured surface.

The Kayalite XT provides all the features of the original 18-inch Kayalite model, including Kayalu's patented "Secure-Attach™" mounting system; impact-proof construction; diffusion lens developed in collaboration with Tektite Industries, Inc.; and Tektite 2-LED module.

The original, factory-assembled Kayalite model, available here, is engineered for paddlers benefiting from its 18-inch height, optimal for sit-in kayaks and for stability over a range of mounting surfaces.

The Kayalite XT Dual Height Kit requires minor assembly. Marine-grade stainless steel bolts, nylon-insert locknuts, a custom-size wrench, and step-by-step assembly instructions are included. A Phillips screwdriver is required for assembly.

NOTE: While it is possible to assemble this kit to one of two different heights, and to reassemble the Kayalite XT in order to test which height is optimal for your application, we do not recommend routine disassembly and reassembly of a Kayalite XT (or any factory-assembled Kayalite model). Marine-grade, stainless steel, nylon-insert locknuts are subject to wear if repeatedly unscrewed and re-screwed with stainless steel bolts. If disassembly is required after use, rinse nuts and bolts with fresh water and wipe clean of any residue before reassembling.

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Kayalite KLT-1050-XT Specifications
Mast and Extension Tubes
Material: ABS black, textured
O-rings: rubber
Base cushion: EVA foam
Fastener: plated steel breech clip
Mast Hardware: marine-grade stainless steel
Bungee Cable: saltwater-resistant nylon coated
Bungee Rings: marine-grade stainless steel
Locking Mechanism: jam cleat
U.S. Pats. #8,651,440, #8,814,111, patents pending
Switch: Twist On/Off
Waterproof Rating: IPX8
Depth Rating: 1,000 feet (300 m)
Lamp: 2-LED module
Lamp Life: 10,000+ hours
Battery Life: 100+ hours
Lens: White titanium-infused Lexan
Batteries: 3 AA Alkaline (included)
U.S. Patent #6,168,288

General Specifications
Height: 21 in. (53 cm) or 28 in. (71 cm)
Weight (assembled to 28"): 14 oz. (397 g)

For more information about the Kayalite® XT Dual Height Kit (21" and 28") read Product Details.


Available Options


For do- it-yourself installation of a custom point of attachment on your kayak, canoe, dinghy or boat. Kit includes premium marine-grade stainless steel eyebolt, rubber and brass wellnut, stainless steel nut, stainless steel washer, drill bit and installation instructions. This optional accessory is recommended for watercraft with no fixed point of attachment. Click Here to open a new window with information about the Eyebolt Kit.


Choose between one of our two Kayalite lenses: A) our classic Kayalite clear lens with a white 360° reflector or B) our white, titanium-infused "diffusion lens." The clear lens offers high-visibility all-around with the added ability of the Kayalite to be aimed in a particular direction to direct a narrow beam. The newer "diffusion lens" (our standard part, recommended) captures and redirects light normally aimed skyward to improve visibility at 360° across the watersheet while protecting the paddler's night vision. Lenses are interchangeable and can be ordered separately.


Add a Kayalu R25 360° Electric Torch for only $15.00 (28% off retail)! The R25 is the perfect hand-held, waterproof light for signaling visibility to other paddlers and boaters. As an added benefit, the R25 lens (clear with reflector) and 2-LED module are interchangeable with Kayalite lenses and 2-LED module. Click here to open a new window with information about the R25™.


Enables a Kayalite to be easily clipped to, mounted securely on, and detached from any standard kayak/canoe gear track having a track upper surface width of at least 1.5 inch (4 cm). Click Here to open a new window with information about the Track Mount Eye.


Enables a Kayalite to be easily clipped to, mounted securely on, and detached from any RAILBLAZA StarPort mount. Click Here to open a new window with information about the Eyelet Insert for RAILBLAZA StarPort.


  • Model: KLT-1050-XT