1-LED Replacement Module for Kayalu Kayalite, R25, NavBeam, NavLite Red/Green and Tektite Mark III Lights

This 1-LED replacement module is compatible with the Kayalu Kayalite® kayak light, Kayalu R25® Electric Torch, Kayalu NavBeam™ headlights (all models), NavLite Red/Green Bow Light and Tektite Mark III marker lights.

1-LED module is rated for 200 hours of operation on a single set of batteries. 10,000 hour average rated life (ARL).

Note: Because the NavLite bow light uses red and green lenses that filter some available light arriving from the LED, it is not recommended to use a 1-LED module on each of the two lights in this product. We recommend at least a 2-LED module per colored lens, as is available with the standard NavLite red/green bow lights (available through Extras in Kayalu online catalog).

Manufactured in USA exclusively for Kayalu by Tektite Industries Inc.

  • Model: KLA-5067