Kayalu / RAM Mounts Leg Brace Assembly with Suction Cup

The Kayalu Leg Brace provides stability to the Kayalu Radpole (at left, upper) and Kayalu Surfpole (at left, lower) as well as third party gear poles.

The Kayalu Leg Brace is available in two lengths, 18" and 22". The 22" leg brace is suited for use with all Radpole models and taller Surfpole models (14", 23", 29" arm). For shorter Surfpole models (9", 11" arm), we recommend the shorter 18" Leg Braces. Leg brace lengths may vary individually for custom installations.

Model KLA-5053: Weight: 1 lb. (454 g)
Length: 18" (46 cm)

Kayalu Leg Braces are available with either a rigid base or a suction cup base.

This leg brace has a RAM Mounts power-locking suction cup base that can be secured to any non-porous surface. The power-locking mechanism applies and releases the suction cup's vacuum with the twist of a lever.

The leg brace clamps to a Surfpole or Radpole with its stainless steel u-bolt and marine-grade aluminum ball. The u-bolt and its assembly can be secured firmly to any pole or handlebar of .5 to 1 inch in diameter. All stainless steel mounting hardware is included.

For maximum flexibility, the leg brace has four degrees of freedom. Leg flexibility allows your Surfpole or Radpole to be easily repositioned. Leg braces can be loosened or tightened as needed. Once in place, the leg brace can be tightened firm.

Some assembly is required. As shown at right, a crescent wrench is used to tighten two stainless steel nylon-insert locknuts to the u-bolt.

Kayalu / RAM Mounts Leg Brace Assembly

The leg brace's two couplers are spring-loaded, allowing them to be loosened and tightened with a single hand.

The leg brace assembly is constructed of marine grade lightweight aluminum, stainless steel, composite polymers, and rubber suction pads. The power-locking suction base, balls, couplers and u-bolt clamp are manufactured by RAM Mounting Systems. The extension arm of the leg brace is manufactured of marine-grade stainless steel. All components are intended for saltwater and freshwater use, and are resistant to harsh sunlight and UV.

For more information about the 18" Leg Brace with Suction Cup Base for Gear Poles read Product Details.

  • Model: KLA-5053