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Kayalite® Kayak Light

There's nothing like the thrill of an offshore kayak adventure after dark, and finally there's a rugged and reliable product to tackle the night. The Kayalite is a high-visibility LED light like none other you've seen before.… []

Kayalite® XT Dual Height Kit (21" and 28")

NOTE: A Philips screwdriver is required for assembly of this kit. Estimated assembly time: 5-10 minutes.… []

Kayalu Backwater Explorer Kayak Light Combo

The Kayalu Backwater Explorer Kayak Light Combo is our premium kit for exploring the darkest backwater rivers, streams, swamps and creeks in the company of other paddlers.… []

Kayalite® XT Navigation Light Pole (28" Factory Assembled)

The Kayalite XT is a bright white, 360°, portable stern light for any watercraft classified by the U.S. Coast Guard as a "vessel under oars" including dinghy, kayak, sit-on-top, stand-up paddleboard, racing shell, canoe, rowboat or surfski. … []

Kayalite-SUP™ Light for Stand-up Paddleboards (SUP)

Do your research, take paddling at night seriously, and we think you'll agree... there is simply no better engineered or safer light for SUP paddlers after dark. The Kayalite-SUP® is a portable, submersible, high-visibility LED 360° light designed for rapid, secure attachment to stand-up paddleboards.… []

Kayalu WaterTorch™ 360° Kayak Light, Boat Work Light and Handheld Torch with Suction Base

The Kayalu WaterTorch® is a rugged bright white 2-LED submersible light with two distinct functions for paddlers and boaters.… []

Tektite Navlite® Portable LED Red/Green Kayak Running Lights

The Tektite Navlite®, a submersible red/green running light assembly for paddlers, is manufactured for Kayalu by Tektite Industries. The unit is comprised of two bright 2-LED Mark III marker lights secured within a Cordura pouch.… []

Kayalu R25™ Waterproof 360-Degree Portable LED Torch

The Kayalu R25® is ideal when you need a hand-held 360° light to display to other paddlers, boaters and vessel operators in the dark, or in conditions of limited visibility such as rain, fog, sleet or snow.… []

Combo Kayalite® and Eyebolt Kit

This combo pack includes our Kayalite KLT-1050 Deck, Anchor and Stern Light plus our premium grade Eyebolt Kit.… []

Kayalu Pro Paddler Kayak Light Combo

The Kayalu Pro Paddler Combo includes our rugged and reliable Kayalite® and our hand-held torch, the R25™, in a single package.… []

Kayalu Pro Paddler Kayak Light Combo with Eyebolt Kit

The Kayalu Pro Paddler Combo with Eyebolt Kit is ideal for paddling and fishing at night, providing our Kayalite® and an R25™ electric torch in a single package. This combo pack also includes a stainless steel Eyebolt Kit for secure attachment of the Kayalite to a fixed point on your kayak deck.… []

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