The Kayalu NavBeam is a ruggedized bright-white LED headlight for a kayak, canoe, inflatable or other small watercraft. The NavBeam is no ordinary LED flashlight, it's actually a submersible light capable of operating in fog, rain, ice and sleet — even at 1000 feet (300 m) below sea level.

The NavBeam is available in two models, the LE and the XL. The NavBeam LE is a dual-purpose light having a narrow beam and also serving as a 360° light when aimed skyward. The NavBeam XL is a brighter headlight, having a reflector that directs all light forward. The NavBeam LE has a single LED and the NavBeam XL is available with either 2 or 4 LEDs.

The NavBeam is invaluable for navigating extremely dark areas while avoiding rocks, tree branches and other obstructions. The NavBeam can be directed to find a lost lure in a tree branch, or to illuminate equipment on deck. The NavBeam is easily capable of being trained on incoming watercraft as a signal to avoid collision long before an incident.

Marine Grade Construction

The NavBeam XL (Model# KLR-5064) sports a Tektite Trek 4 light featuring 4 bright white LEDs, 20+ hours of service at full intensity and 80+ hours of usable light on a single set of batteries. Its LED life is rated to 10,000 hours of service. Batteries (included) are easily replaced without having to remove the light from the NavBeam XL mount.

The NavBeam XL is secured to its RAM Mounts ball using our custom, black oxide steel hardware. The light has an opaque rubber baffle that can be removed in the event that the light needs to be used for 360° visibility.

About the RAM Power-Locking Suction Mount

The RAM Locking Suction Mount, manufactured by RAM Mounting Systems and enhanced with the addition of Kayalu accessories, uses a locking vacuum cup design similar to the mechanical suction cups used by professional glass installers.

The mount and our added accessories are constructed of premium-grade materials, all suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater environments.

The locking suction cup at the base of this NavBeam model provides an exceptionally strong grip. The suction-cup can be cleanly affixed to any non-porous surface (glass, steel, fiberglass, enamel, plastic, etc.) through the action of a mechanical lever arm. And when you want to remove the mount, you simply twist the lock counter-clockwise and pull up a small rubber tab.

To enhance the functionality of this industrial quality product, we include a marine-grade, nylon-coated bungee tether and a plated steel breech clip, which allow you to secure the mount in the event that the mount is bumped or the suction becomes disengaged.

NavBeam™ XL (4-LED) with RAM Power-Lock Suction Mount
Kayalu model #KLR-5064

The NavBeam XL (Model# KLR-5064) ships completely assembled.

Note: We do not manufacture, sell or recommend the use of ANY suction-cup based product for use on life-safety gear, particularly navigation lights which may be mounted out of reach or out of view of a paddler or boater.

Quality assurance tests performed on the RAM Mounts locking suction mount have demonstrated extraordinary reliability for mounting electronic accessories. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products that integrate RAM Mounts Locking Suction hardware.

Tektite Trek 4 (included)

Switch: Twist On/Off
Depth Rating: 1,000 feet (300 m)
Lamp: Bright White LED
Lamp Life: 10,000+ hours
Burn Time: 40+ hours at full intensity
plus 160+ hours usable light
Batteries: 3 AA Alkaline (included)
Materials: ABS and LEXAN
U.S. Patent #6,168,288

RAM Mount Components (included)

Material: High Strength Composite

Material: High Strength Composite

3) RAM 2.5" X 1 5/16" BASE W/ BALL
Material: High Strength Composite

Material: High Strength Composite

Accessories (included)

Tektite bolt: marine-grade black oxide stainless
Fastener: plated steel breech clip
Bungee Tether: saltwater- resistant nylon coated
Bungee Ring: marine-grade stainless steel

For more information about the NavBeam™ XL (4-LED) Headlight with RAM Power-Lock Suction Mount read Product Details.

  • Model: KLR-5064