The Radpole is our ultimate all-in-one mounting system, hosting your navigation light, camera mount, video mount, RAM Mounts fishing rod holders and rod tubes, GPS mount and more.

The Radpole arm includes a RAM Mounts 1.5-inch "C" ball lower coupler, a marine-grade aluminum tube and a RAM Mounts 1-inch "B" ball upper coupler. The arm's threaded components are fused with Loctite® threadlocker.

The Radpole arm is 29" in length from the center of the lower socket to the center of the upper socket.

The Radpole is manufactured for use in outdoor terrain, freshwater and saltwater environments.

We assemble the Radpole using an array of RAM Mounts components and our own stainless steel and brass fittings to protect your your investment in top quality gear. The Radpole is made in the USA.

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Radpole 29" Arm Specifications
Model Number
Arm Length *
29 in.
74 cm
Total Reach **
31 in.
79 cm
Arm Weight
15 oz.
425 g
RAM "C" Ball Base
compatible, not included
[for full specs. click here.]
Camera Mount and
EPDM Rubber Pad
compatible, not included
[for full specs. click here.]
Video Mount and
SBR Rubber Pad
compatible, not included
[for full specs. click here.]
Tektite Navigation Light
RAM Mount and 1-inch "B" Ball
SBR Baffle
3 AA Batteries
compatible, not included
[for full specs. click here.]
* Arm length measured from center of lower empty socket to center of upper empty socket.
** Total reach measured from bottom of base (not included) to platform of video mount adaptor (not included)
Length and weights shown are approximate, rounded to integer.

For more information about the Radpole™ 29" Arm read Product Details.

  • Model: RPA-1031
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