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RAM  inchesB inches Ball Extension Arm with Ball

The KLA-5005 Extension Arm adds 5" (12.7 cm) of height and two degrees of freedom to a wide variety of products supporting a RAM 1-inch "B" Ball available from RAM Mounts and the Kayalu catalog.

Because this product includes a double-ball, the entire extension can be added to an existing assembly in addition to your existing coupler(s) without requiring the substitution of an existing coupler. Alternatively, as an option, the double-ball included with this extension can be removed and the coupler arm substituted directly for an existing "B" Ball coupler arm.

The coupler and double-ball components of this product are manufactured by RAM Mounting Systems.

The KLA-5005 is capable of extending the length of:

  • All standard RAM assemblies using 1-inch diameter "B" ball
  • All nClamp™ Clamping Mounts
  • All RAM Locking Suction Mounts

The Extension Arm includes a high-strength composite coupler, which has a free socket available to attach to the ball on your existing assembly. An anodized aluminum double-ball at the upper end of this arm is ready to accept the socket of your existing coupler or Locking Suction coupler.

As shown in the image at left, the Extension Arm provides an additional degree of freedom to the positioning of your Aqua Box®, camera, GPS, phone or any payload you've put on your nClamp™ or Locking Suction mount.

In this example, an Extension Arm has been installed at the base of our Locking Suction Aqua Box® product to add length and provide flexibility.

Using Multiple Extension Arms

Multiple Extension Arms can be linked in succession to produce a highly flexible snaking arm. The RAM Mounts hardware is extremely durable and locks firmly, allowing multiple arms to remain stable while maintaining a heavy payload.

RAM Extension Arm with Ball

RAM "B" Ball Extension Arm with Ball

RAM Mount Components (included)

Material: High Strength Composite

Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

  • Model: KLA-5005